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Aquamarine - "Joy"

This beautiful high quality aquamarine is a great crystal to help you feel free and flow in life. It brings a sense of ease and a beautiful energy of overcoming certain karmic path. It's amazing to work with if you want to break through certain obstacles or feel free to let go of anything that's holding you back. It dissolves negative energy and beliefs and works on the energy inside the body. It strengthens the core. It helps with overcoming illness by healing the self from within, and doing all that you know is good for you. It transforms the mindset of stubborn or narrow minded people. It helps them open up to see a bigger picture, to see a different perspective. This crystal is wonderful for children who are introverts to help bring a bridge with the others. This crystal is great to calm a stressful mind and release headaches. You can rub it on the forehead to experience release from stress, tension or pressure of the eyes. This beautiful crystal is great for opening up to your higher self and breaking free from the constraints of the past based beliefs.  

Aquamarine - "Joy"

SKU: 1473
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