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Cavansite is a powerful crystal to bring inner peace into one's life, understanding and seeing the bigger picture. It is amazing for heart issues, and for calming of the mind. It will help heal negativity that arose from family problems. This is a beautiful healing crystal to overcome attachments, worries, fears and any emotional suffering: "Breathe. Release. Trust. Let go and let God /Good." Feel your own power. Detach from the pain, suffering and fears, and move on trusting in your path, yourself and your life.

Cavansite is a wonderful crystal for healing past traumas of a broken relationship. It helps with overcoming sadness and bringing closure to any situation that brought heavy feelings, distrust or emotional abuse.


Photo 1: Taken in sunlight

Photo 2: Taken in shade


Please wear a raw Cavansite with care. These crystals should not be worn during a physical exercise to avoid accidental damage to the crystal. They should be handled with care, especially the beautiful blue formations.  


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SKU: LH2020556
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