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Green Apatite

Green Apatite is a powerful healing crystal. It clears negative and heavy energy and emotions. It is a protection crystal. Its energy is very potent and works on healing the heart and strengthening the mind. It helps you hear your own inner voice of truth and discern the thoughts that are reactions to fears and conditioning of life's events. Green Apatite helps you cleanse and clear the past triggers to release and let go of feelings that no longer serve you. When your mind is clear you can find the answers you are looking for. New ideas and inspiration will flow for you to make wise choices. Moment to moment you will be guided to pause, think and act in unison with your heart and soul.  This is a great guidance crystal. You can wear it at work in your pocket, hold it in meditation or place it under your pillow. It will help you regain your inner power. 

Green Apatite

SKU: 411
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