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Herkimer Diamond

This beautiful highly charged Herkimer Diamond crystal has a unique ability to amplify energy within and around you. It focuses on positive energy. It only highlights the light and high vibration. This is a perfect crystal to place with other crystals to enhance their beautiful energy. We recommend you pair Moldavite and Tektite if you are looking for awakening your psychic senses and healing ability. This crystal is also extremely powerful and perfect to wear on it's own. It amplies the positive energy and vibration. Herkimer Diamond is a crystal of clarity, clearing of all heavy and dark energies and blocks. It nurtures a deep sense of calm releasing the chatter of the mind and bringing peace to the heart. This beautiful crystal strengthens the physical body especially; the core, bones, spine, teeth. On a physical level it has helped those with vascular issues. It is used to clear anxiety and stress and bring the body to it's natural balance. It is a great crystal to wear in meditation or during mantras. Herkimer Diamond also helps you listen more attentively, and feel more. It heightens your senses.

Let the power arise from within you.

Herkimer Diamond

SKU: 1285
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