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Moldavite - "As Within So Without, As Above So Below"

This beautiful AAA Grade Moldavite is a beautiful piece to be your new best friend - for however long that might be. It will guide you to go within and let go of all the ways that are not you; letting go of fears, suffering and heaviness. You will reconnect to your Essence to be who you truly are, the best version of you. You will see things for what they are and be able to remove yourself from any attachments that are holding you back. As Within So Without, As Above So Below. 


Moldavite is of beautiful energy and extremely high vibration. Moldavite's powerful energy helps with raising spiritual and intuitive astuteness. It's a brilliant healing crystal that helps you see the truth beyond visible spectrum of Earthly reality - with your inner eye. This crystal is a protection and activation crystal for anyone seeking a journey of self healing, empowerment and transformation. It is one of the most liked Crystals amongst healers and intuitive souls. 


Source: Maly Chlum

Weight: 14.01 gr




Moldavite - "As Within So Without, As Above So Below"

SKU: LH2020234
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