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Moldavite Beauty Drop (Maly Chlum)

This gorgeous Beauty Drop is a rare piece of Moldavite. Moldavite is the crystal of crystals when it comes to spiritual awakening and intuitive guidance. When you are ready for a Moldavite the right piece will choose you. A beautiful Moldavite is perfect for someone who feels the subtle energy of crystals. This is a special and gorgeous crystal with it's rare beauty and power. It will guide you to your inner essence, to your core and support you to delve into your higher self. This crystal unearths all the hidden pieces of self that have held you back. When you choose to take the next step forward in life and trust in your spirit and your inner guidance this Moldavite will be your guide and mentor.


Pendant weight: 3.78gr

Moldavite Beauty Drop (Maly Chlum)

SKU: LH2020166
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