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Pearls, Peridot Earrings - "Heavenly"


Pearls are natures gifts of beauty, healing and responsibility. They help us elevate to our natural beauty; heal and elevate spiritually and be wise to know the impact we have on everyone and everything. They are beautiful teachers and guides. 



Peridot is a beautiful crystal for self healing. It is great to start the journey of tending to one's physical body. Being healthy in the body helps us feel stronger in our mind and spirit. This crystal will help you attune to the right healing modalities and practices to your overal health and longevity. Detoxing the body prepares us for strengthening of our immune system. Peridot works on healing of the heart energy strengthening the heart chakra. 

Pearls, Peridot Earrings - "Heavenly"

SKU: 1244
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