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Sacred Giftset

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Sacred Collection is our product line of beautiful conscious products to help you raise your vibration, connect to your essence and help you experience more harmony within. Read our blog "Self Healing & Spirituality" about holistic healing. In order to heal yourself physically - you need to tend to all parts of your being. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual wellness are the gateway to your essence - your true self and the experience of Conscious Living.






Sacred Oil is a blend of essential oils derived from sacred herbs & woods to help with self healing; relieving of physical pain & discomfort; chakra balancing; energizing of aura/life force. It is infused with high vibration from crystals & singing bowls. Sacred Oil contains parts of essential healing oils that have been kept & used by 4 generations of shamans and healers for over 50 years. It is created by Pure Energy Healers for the purpose of helping clients heal themselves.



Sacred Oil is used to help relieve physical and emotional discomfort; balance and strengthen chakras; bring harmony and energize aura/life-force. 


Sacred Oil is wonderful for those who want to ease their emotional stress (heart chakra); gain clarity from negative thought pattern or mental confusion from stress, worry and fear. It us used as a positive energy conduit for those living a highly engaged life; artists; massage therapists; yoga teachers; natural and energy healing practitioners.


Ingredients:  Organic essential oils: Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense and proprietary ingredients. 

SAGE: is a known natural anti bacterial, it eases muscular and joint pain, helps with digestion, helps clear certain skin issues, helps boost cognitive process - activates and enhances thinking. 

PALO SANTO: this is a great "feel good" essential oil known for easing emotional stress, helping relieve anxiety and breathing issues. 

FRANKINCENSE: there are studies showing that boswellic acids of Frankincense helps the immune system prevent certain illness.


How to use: 

Sacred Oil is highly potent and should be used in small amounts. Place 3 drops of oil onto your palm; rub against your other palm and cup the hands to inhale the powerful aroma of the oil. Rub onto the area you wish to heal, release tension, discomfort or pain from. For emotional and spiritual healing and awakening: rub the oil over your heart chakra and any other chakra point(s). For relief from headaches, stress or tension rub onto temples; for easing intestinal discomfort or for menstrual cramps rub over your abdomen; massage it over a muscle for pain relief; mix with non scented carrier oil for a powerful healing massage. 


Do not use internally or over open wounds. If you have a medical condition or allergies, consult with your doctor before using it. Use within 12 months of opening. Bottle size: 15ml



Sacred Mist is sacred water collected at Sacred Sites from around the world. From over 100 different sites, collected by 4 generations of healers. Water itself is sacred — water is life — yet there are sacred sites usually springs and rivers that are considered to be especially healing.

Quantum physics has observed the energy and power of thought vibration; spoken word; music and other environmental influence over water. If exposed to loving and harmonious energy, water crystals will take a shape of beautiful snowflake crystal looking formations.

Use the mist whenever you want an instant higher vibration feeling and a cleanse of your aura. You can use it to bless you, your home, your work, your pets, your garden flowers or vegetables and more. Spray a pump or two and it will disperse around you in a fine mist to cleanse and strengthen your aura and transform your energy. It can make you feel an instant mood shift towards inner peace, joy and happiness; it helps with positive thoughts and a sense of ease. It's great for an instant inspiration and feel good: at home, work or travel. Sacred Mist is great to use in situations when you are surrounded by other people's vibrations - it can help you stay in your power.

We believe there is much more to Sacred Mist. It is blessed with powerful intentions. Bottle Size: 30ml

*Feels like a blessing and a mist of a sacred waterfall.

This bottle can last you a lifetime. You can keep refilling it, as long as you have a drop of Sacred Mist you can change and transform the energy of added water. 



Sacred is our favourite and most powerful incense. The smoke of the incense carries high vibration of sacred plants to cleanse and transform the energy to higher frequency. It channels beautiful energy around you and especially your environment to create a sense of balance and harmony in your space; to help bring peace to heart, mind and soul.  


Sacred Incense is perfect to use to cleanse and transform the energy in your environment, for intuitive awakening, preparation for spiritual work, inspiration, meditation and healing. 


How to use: 

Light one end of Sacred Incense and place it in an incense stick holder. Let the smoke linger in one room or transfer to other rooms after enough smoke has filled the first room. Make sure to leave it on a hard non-flammable surface as tiny cinders might spark.



Sacred Woods, Fine Herbs & Plants, Palo Santo, Sage, Frankincense.

Sage: Safe Healing Plant, Be Wise

Palo Santo: Holy Wood 

Frankincense: Superior, High Quality Incense


Note: Keep away from children, to avoid fire hazard place the incense stick into the incense holder away from flamable materials as small cinders might fly off the incense stick. Do not blow into the incense stick. 


*Smells and feels divine like an instant spiritual cleansing and protection. Powerful notes of Sage, Sweet Palo Santo and Mystical Frankincense. 


Sacred Collection is Nature Made: created by Mother Earth, made by Pure Energy Healers (sacred masculine and feminine) in accordance with ancient and shamanic healing principles. Blessed with powerful intentions.

Sacred Giftset

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