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Sapphire Agate

This beautiful crystal is great to help break free from abusive relationships and abusive thoughts that one reflects on because of past traumas. It helps clear away the suffering to help you move forward and trust in self and trust in new relationships. It is great to help you fly free, travel, move, break free from bad habits and negative thinking. It is amazing for walking and for endurance to help you start exercise. This is a great crystal to help you feel good and distress you, especially if you walk. It is a great companion for mountain climbing and living at high altitudes. This is a great crystal for deep meditation and silent retreats. It helps cut out the noise of others and your own mind and helps you be at peace with self quietude. It is great for growing from stubbornness to find peace. This crystal will help you grow from caterpillar to butterfly, if you know you have gifts that you haven't expressed and feel frustration. It is great for artists, painters, dancers and higher energy workers. 


This crystal helps with clearing and opening third eye and assists with astral travel. 

Sapphire Agate

SKU: 2020062
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