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Sapphire Agate Ring - "Great Things Are Coming""

Sapphire Agate is a great crystal to wear to help break free from negativity (negative thought patterns, relationships, situations etc). It is a beautiful crystal that helps us find hope and energy to move on and move forward in life. It helps clear the suffering of negative emotions, releasing negativity and low vibrations and other traumas. Sapphire Agate is great to wear to find new relationships; move on in life; find strength and energy to work on self; travel and any work that requires self initiative. It's also a great crystal for deep meditation, expanding intuition and astral travel. It is great for those who are stubborn for their own good - it helps you find peace. This crystal will help you grow from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Work on your innate gifts that you haven't expressed and feel great things coming your way. It's wonderful for artists, painters, dancers and energy workers.


Trust in self and trust in life. Move forward today - one step at a time. Embrace life and life will reward you. 


Sapphire Agate Ring - "Great Things Are Coming""

SKU: 1477
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