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Tektite - "I am Otherworldly"

Tektite is a Meteorite and is one of very few healing crystals that absorbs negative energy around and within your body. It has a powerful vibration to clear away blocks, traumas and issues with family members or anyone else's energy where you live and work. It's recommended to those working with the public: healing practitioners, nurses or anyone dealing with people. This is an amazing crystal to help cope with stressful situations; and is great to wear at stressful jobs. Tektite works well to strengthen and clear your whole body energy-power-points. It helps clear away heavy energy from within you, from others and the surrounding environment. It's a perfect crystal for travel when you are in close proximity to other people and their energy. This is a great protection crystal.

Tektite - "I am Otherworldly"

SKU: 1440
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