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Beauty Is The Energy For Vitality

High vibration raises our frequency and elevates the soul to help the expression of Self to be manifest. We cannot be the best version of Self if we don't allow for the energy of Joy, Gratitude and Love to flow through us. These feelings are the vessels of positive energy and frequency. By turning to Beauty for inspiration we nurture the high vibration and energy for vitality. Beauty inspires, uplifts and stimulates the frequency of the heart and soul.

Turn to beauty whenever you feel things are not right. If you are overwhelmed with emotions do something that makes you feel beautiful inside-out. If you are triggered by someone in your life, stop the conflicting conversation. Instead of fighting the storm, step outside, breathe and go for a walk. Most things will resolve without you having to do anything. To calm the feeling of a broken heart, smell a beautiful scent of a flower or essential oils.

Beauty is expressed through various forms, shapes and scents. Go to the source of beauty that draws you in.

NATURE is Beauty. If the world turned to nature - we would solve all the problems on Earth. Nature is healing on more levels than we can comprehend with our logical mind. The golden ratio found in nature has been the inspiration of many great minds to form beautiful designs and architecture over millennia. Our heart resonates with the elevated frequency of beauty expressed in nature.

ANIMALS bring Beautiful feelings to our hearts. We intrinsically have a connection with all sentient beings living on our Wondering Rock*. Animal therapy provides great healing.

*(Planet means wondering rock. Thank you Don Tolman for sharing the wisdom of etymology through your life's work ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WHOLE FOODS AND MEDICINE and growing my passion for discovering deeper meanings in words.)

ART is an expression of beauty through the fabric of the soul. Listen to a beautiful composition of classical music to elevate your vibration. Look at beautiful paintings or get a canvas and create your own art. Express yourself. Dance like no one is watching. Sing, even if only in the shower. Keep on creating high frequency from within, by raising your vibration with the energy of beauty.

SELF care is essential for your vitality. Raise your vibration by creating moments of caring and beautifying yourself to feel beautiful inside-out. Pamper yourself with sights and scents. Light a beautiful incense to lift the vibration around you immediately. Use the Sacred Oil to smell the essence of powerful perfume from healing herbs and plants. Take an epsom salt bath and sprinkle it with flowers. This is a wonderful detoxing and relaxing ritual. Create the energy for vitality to feel beautiful and raise your vibration. It will inspire you to move on no matter what happens; and seek solutions, rather than being overwhelmed and at the effect of things. You deserve it because You Are Beautiful! And I love you!

Love & Gratitude,

Lella Satie

Always in the HeART ♥️

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This week's recommendations:

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