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Beauty Is The Energy For Vitality

High vibration raises our frequency and elevates the soul to help the expression of Self to be manifest. We cannot be the best version of Self if we don't allow for the energy of Joy, Gratitude and Love to flow through us. These feelings are the vessels of positive energy and frequency. By turning to Beauty for inspiration we nurture the high vibration and energy for vitality. Beauty inspires, uplifts and stimulates the frequency of the heart and soul.

Turn to beauty whenever you feel things are not right. If you are overwhelmed with emotions do something that makes you feel beautiful inside-out. If you are triggered by someone in your life, stop the conflicting conversation. Instead of fighting the storm, step outside, breathe and go for a walk. Most things will resolve without you having to do anything. To calm the feeling of a broken heart, smell a beautiful scent of a flower or essential oils.