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From last week's conversation about Trust - Moneta (money) we move to another ancient principle of well being - Community. Not that one precedes the other but one cannot be without the other. Trust and Community are principles that support our life and help us grow and transform to our highest potential. What have you learned about these principles from life? Do you need to relearn some things or explore them newly?

You will be shaped by the programs of a community where you were born and if you do not open yourself to seeing 'greater than' - you will be subject to those beliefs. The last decade has brought us away from true connections more than ever before. It is time to turn to communities that you trust. If you are a loner (and most empaths are, because they feel more viscerally than others, and vibration of other people can be quite tasking on those tender souls) you can turn to a community that resonates with your values and truths. We often want our family and closest friends to embrace our views, yet more often than not they are the last people to recognise our truths as having importance.

If you are not part of a community that vibrates with high frequency and helps you elevate - it is time to join one that resonates with your values to help you expand yourself to true you. Join a community where you won't have to waste your energy to explain or justify yourself nor have to fight for your voice. Join a community where you will be guided and supported to expand further with your gifts, and express yourself fully. If you cannot find a community - then create one. My eclectic soul demands multiple communities. I have developed myself inside of wide ranging communities: from arts to healing to entrepreneurship. One of those communities is the Pure Energy Healing Academy.

When I first stepped into the Pure Energy Healing Academy I was on a path of self healing and expanding my spiritual understanding. I wanted to heal from my emotional traumas and I wanted to elevate my intuitive awareness. After completing my first Pure Energy Healing Course - I thought that's it! What an amazing experience! I got what I came for and it was for my self-healing. I didn't think that four years later - I would be at the Pure Energy Healing Academy about to launch the first Online Course with Mark Bajerski, the Founder of the Pure Energy Healing Academy.

Our community of beautiful souls who come every year to learn the Art of Pure Energy Healing is expanding throughout the world. After months of work and many people being wonderful angels to make it all happen, the Pure Energy Healing Course Online will begin on January 28, 2021. This is a four day intensive program where you discover the Art of Pure Energy Healing. We are blessed to have attracted to most amazing souls to be part of the Academy. Join our community on our public Facebook page and Instagram. If you want to experience a Pure Energy Healing Session, go to our link Find A Practitioner. You can find a Healer in your country or request a Distant Healing, which is as powerful as in-person healing.

Thank you for being part of LEMON HOUSE Community! Thank you for trusting us and supporting our work! We look forward to 2021 to bring you more Conscious Gifts and exciting surprises! We wish you all the very best for the New Year.

May you be healthy, may you be happy, may you be blessed! 💛

From our hearts to yours!

With Love and Gratitude,


Always in the HeART ♥️

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This week's recommended Crystals for the Intuitive Awakening

SACRED 3: Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, Tektite; MOLDAVITE & AMETHYST

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