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My Guru Is Better Than Yours

Updated: May 23, 2020

The #AgeOfAquarius is indeed bringing forth the Age of #Awakening to far corners of the world and to people of various social, economic and cultural backgrouat an exponential rate. For those awoke for years it's been a long road and the journey is not over - it's a lifestyle. In the next couple of years it will become the norm and we won't speak about spirituality; certain values; conscious living; healthy or holistic ancient practices and principles as taboo subjects or with concern that we'll be perceived as new agers or hippies with a derogatory connotation. The ancient knowledge and wisdom which has long been discarded or hidden in plain site has been kept alive by those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Those who have been observing and listening for the truth all along. Those of us who knew that our inner wisdom and higher self doesn't resonate with the doctrines and brainwashing of the system/the establishment. We couldn't fit in, we never wanted to - and thank Cosmos for that.

Students have became teachers and have been passing on the light to those becoming open and #awoke. As you BE more aware of spirit (connected to your own spirituality), the cosmic laws, the greater good, you get to be more in tune with yourself, others and nature. It's not as easy to be inauthentic nowadays without being spotted. Our B.S. radar is becoming more fine tuned and we are discerning between those working from their egos and those working from their heart and consciousness. As with most things in life there is a duality in the spiritual, holistic, transformational and self healing work. There are two sides of the coin - two ends of the spectrum: the positive/negative perspective and impact on Self. Those from the Outside and the ones from the Inside (the Within).

The factors from outside yourself are your mentors, gurus and the teachings that you have exposed yourself to and embraced. The Inside are your own interpretations and implementation of those teachings and observations. There are more gurus and self help instructors than only couple of years ago; there are those qualified to do the job and those with minimum experience and less heart in it but more mind in it to make a profit; there are dishonourable gurus being exposed for sexual or other misconduct and those still in the hiding; there are speakers 'come authors with a savvy marketing strategy gaining celebrity status and there are humble bright souls serving the world with their generosity, love, kindness, compassion, truth and a word of mouth marketing that is a testament to their credibility. Don't get caught up in the perceived value of someone's teaching just because they've been on the Oprah show or some celebrity has endorsed them. Do your own research, check in with your heart and ask yourself: is this person really telling the truth, is this person authentic, is this person living by what they preach, is his/her way my way, will this help with my growth and development and does it align with what I am committed to, or am I just doing this because it's the thing to do and share on Instagram to get more likes and look trendy...

There are veterans in the spiritual realm who might be suffering from a dogmatic point of view believing that their way is THE way and that their principles should be embraced by everyone. If you recognize yourself in that statement: perhaps it's time to expand and learn something new. Nothing under the Sun stays the same and neither do you, you are either growing and expanding or contracting. Do you actually practice what you preach or do you point fingers and find faults with others to make you feel better. Perhaps it's time to do some house cleansing and embracing highest values and principles even deeper, rather than gossiping about others and telling people about your new frog-poison-scars to prove you're enlightened or your brag about the next Guruji and their groundbreaking method or how you've done this new "the best in the world" thing on blah blah blah (insert a few random words from the New Age Spiritualism Dictionary). All "isms" are ideologies and hence subject to falseness.

Are you living in freedom or are you imprisoned by a dogma and a teacher/guru? Freedom is a sense of contentment in your heart, mind and soul. Your overall well being won't be complete if you only tend to one aspect of your human beingness. Your well being is determined by the food you put into your mind, body, heart and soul. What thoughts you feed yourself daily affect your feelings and hence your actions, and they then create your results. If you neglect your physical, you are mistreating your body temple and you can't expect health, youthfulness and longevity. The body is resilient and can heal itself if you give it the right environment, the right nourishment for the mental, physical and emotional wellness.

There are newbies to the spirituality who want to test and try everything they heard of and especially if they found it on a popular social media post. Beware! Beware of the wolf in a sheep skin, beware of the so called gurus and teachers who could do you more harm than good, beware of the egos, beware of scams, fake shamans and quasi sacred Ayahuasca ceremonies, snake poisons, stimulants and "sacred medicines". This is a whole other topic of conversation but the point is: wake up and don't be a sheeple, be a conscious being, trusting yourself more than you trust someone you think knows more than you.

Find a trusting teacher, a genuine soul who will share their experience and then embrace what works for you and leave the rest behind. Perhaps it's not your time to go to the jungle of Peru or Mexico and have a serving of Peyote, perhaps it never will be - and that's ok. You are whole and complete the way you are. Do what calls to you, what feels right and don't focus on what others are doing so you can do the same. You are beautiful, inside out. Your time is now! Be the best version of yourself. You know what is good for you. Trust, intuit and believe. Believing is the key to opening the doors to your desires and manifestation. If you can see it in your minds eye and feel it in your heart - you will experience it.

And... no, I don't have a guru. I am my own Guru! I have beautiful mentors and teachers whom I trust, respect and learn from. I've been extremely selective in whom I chose to listen to and whose knowledge I embraced. I chose with my wit and heart and I have learned and applied and I am still learning and always will. I am grateful to them as I now share their teachings.

You can join me in Toronto this June at the Pure Energy Healing Course with the P.E.H. Academy Founder Mark Bajerski. We will share our experience and knowledge on Pure Energy Healing - a way of intuitively using your gifts of healing. Discover the Healer Within!

Thank you for reading. I would love to hear from you: your thoughts, questions or requests for the next blog topic.

Always in the HeART!

Love & Gratitude,

Lella ♥️


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