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Reinvent Yourself

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

We are in a place of chaos and anarchy. The number of issues at hand keep unrolling. Some forgotten or suppressed problems are coming to surface. It might feel scary and inconceivable, yet necessary for any real change to occur. You can either wake up and pretend that nothing is happening or seek the truth and look deep into those eyes looking at you in the mirror. And while you might think you cannot change the world, you can be at the source of transforming yourself.

Change is not merely a replacement of something that's already in place. Real change is something new - something distinct from what is, was. In a flawed system there is no change from one election to another; your personality traits and past traumas have you attract the same kind of person/relationship/challenges into your life until you transform from within.

Any transformation is uncomfortable. You can either kick and scream during the process of change or embrace all your gifts and transition like a caterpillar to a butterfly. Even the symptoms of dis-ease feel worse when the healing starts, it feels worse before it gets better.

Think of all that you are and all that you value. Do a thorough check and you might realize that you can adapt to any situation. This doesn't mean that you should be ok with any situation. You are resilient and you will find a way to make the necessary adaptation so you can continue to thrive and create your life. Stop looking at what's trending and what hashtags address as popular. Do your own research and look for truth, let your higher self, your consciousness and your intuitive intelligence be the compass of what is your truth. Some truths might be hard to comprehend and even harder to accept. You have been conditioned to think a certain way, to conform to certain norms and collective ideals. Some of them work and a lot of them don't. One size doesn't fit all and neither should one version of the "ideal": the dream; the definition of success; fulfilment; approval based on achievement measured by someone else other than you...

Question your thoughts and beLIEfs and question others' versions of truth as "news". Don't be influenced by the outside source for a recipe on how you should feel or live your life. Be kind, be respectful and do no harm against innocent. Let that be your holy grail.


Look up at the sky

Remember who am I

With my third eye


see clearly

The Vision of all that is Good 

thorough my own sense

and experience

I conjure the strength

for what lies ahead

it's all but a wavelength

like the infrared



to the naked


Don't beLIEve

the illusion is real

for the illusionist's deal is

for all to kneel



Love & Light

always in sight

in the chambers

of my Heart

that IS my


I dry my eye

let the old views die

not gonna cry

remember who am I


Let go


Like Mother Earth

and my sister Wind



Expansion and contraction

it's all a perception

even the olfaction

the sound waves

light waves

ocean tides

Angels' brides

Burning of the old

releasing the flawed

cleansing and clearing

before the appearing

of the New



letting go of the knew

Now and always


it's a continuum


make the best of it


Always in the HeART ♥️

Artist, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Pure Energy Healing Academy Instructor

One of my favourite things to help me transform my inner state and energy that I like to feel is using the beautiful organic Sacred Incense.


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