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Self Empowerment Overcomes Any Circumstance

I've heard the expression "Expect the best and prepare for the worst" uttered by mentors in various areas of self help; motivational and transformation programs; as well as teachers of financial freedom. I think it's a great quote, one worth repeating and probably best expressed by Maya Angelou: "Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, and unsurprised by anything in between." More relevant than any news headline at present.

If we can be prepared no matter what happens we can be ok with anything. This doesn't mean that we condone certain things - it only means that we choose to have dominion of our life and being. When you choose what you think and feel, and how you act, you begin to self govern. You stop relying on someone else to make decisions for your life in areas of physical, social, financial, emotional, spiritual, mental and other aspects of your well being. Who has your best interest in any of those areas? You or corporations whose alliance and interest might be with your arch-enemy.

Most people struggle and fight to keep themselves comfortable, to avoid change and keep certain ways of life predictable. It gives them a false sense of security and safety because life is antonymous with predictable, certain, comfortable. In a world of ever-changing energies in every sphere of life, it's easy to feel fear from uncertainty and pressure from all the "what ifs". Your heart and soul is your best compass to navigating your way, in times of high tides and winds of change.

The ancient principles of life guide you to be free to do what you will as long as you do no harm, no evil towards the innocent. Who are the innocent? Nature and all her creations and creatures. Nature and all her creations! Most people think not much of nature and have lost all connection to her. They are grossed out by bugs, scared of germs and fearful of getting a little dirt on their feet. Mother Nature has all the answers. She is our nature and nurture! She has all that our bodies need - remember: We are Nature. (Not machines, programmed to produce desired output). Get immersed in her. Cherish and respect her and she will guide you to overcome and understand anything that you are going through. Nature will help you remember your purpose. Nature will guide you and empower you to overcome any circumstance.