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Step Into Your Power!

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

This message is for you, waiting for someone to do something about this "global situation". This message is for you, waiting for better times to travel, to walk freely. This message is for you, hoping that you won't have to do something against your will to be able to work or move across the planet. This message is for you waiting for someone else to take care of your health or wealth. This message is for you! If you are uncomfortable with where you are and yet you are not doing anything about it, this message is for you too.

Stop waiting on the side lines. Stop listening to someone else on their assessment of what is and what will happen. Stop taking in the programming from someone else's channel. It is time that you output the content that you believe in and more importantly send clearly the vision of what you want to see manifest on this beautiful Mother Earth! The vision of our future. Start creating and start building it! It is time!

How this story goes is (y)our responsibility and you too have a say! We have practiced mindfulness, we have stretched our bodies and minds in yoga class, we have taken personal development to the next level, we have learned what we let into our temples will make us well or will drown us. Our temple openings are sacred and every input through every sense and organ is either making us stronger or depleting our energy. Are you choosing what you see, hear, think, eat, say, express and how you feel?

It is time to wake up, shake up and step up! It is time to step into your power! We are all being tested. Our morals, our souls and our true self. What is your worth? What is the value of your soul? What is the value of your sovereignty? What will it take for you to be who you came to be?

Be who you are meant to be! Be You! Be the power that created you! It is tantamount that we are unwavering in our hearts, minds, thoughts and actions about how our future evolves now.

What are you going to do in this hour? What will you do tomorrow, and the day after? What projections are you sending out with every iota of your being. What directions are you giving the world about (y)our future - about THE future, with each of your actions? For us, for (y)our children, for their children and the generations to come?

It is time to stop doing what you are told to do and start doing what you are meant to do - what your heart, soul, your higher self wants you to do! It is time to raise your vibration, consciousness and energy higher than you ever have! Rise, raise, be wise! You know what to do - you know good from evil. Expand and keep expanding until we see, feel, touch, hear and taste the Heaven on Earth! See the future now! It is here. It is palpable. The 1% will create the tipping point for everyone. You are the one, you are 1% as you are 100.

You chose to be here and now. You are here for a reason and now is the time for you to unleash that power within and usher in the New Renaissance! The time of abundance, of self governance, connection to nature, expansion of all with honour and respect for Life: all beings and Nature.

December 12, 2020

It is time

To shift the paradigm

Hold the vision

Reflection 12-21

You are the one

Elevate and keep expanding

Don't stop

Until all reach the top

Rise above and elevate


Feel the love in all of your cells

Go higher and beyond

Shine bright

Guide with Your light

December 21, 2020

is happening

another portal opening

According to astrology the planetary alignment between the dates of 12-12 and 12-21 we are in auspicious time to hold the positive vibration and energy high. Even if you do not believe in study of the stars and how each planetary body affects us with it's energy and magnetism from afar, the practice of staying in your power will make a difference in the quality of your life in the next 10 days and beyond.

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This is a potent time to energetically align with the heart and your higher self to envision the greatest vision for you - for all! Keep the vibration high and keep yourself focused and above any circumstance. Let your truth, heart and soul be your compass and guide to action. Do not be a mere reaction to any perceived symptom. It is up to you! Step into your power!

Always in the HeART ♥️

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Sacred Oil, Moldavite, Amethyst

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