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The Best Teas In The World - Video

Hello Beautiful Soul,

We trust that you are enjoying the weekend and living your best life. Today is the perfect day to be happy, to be grateful, to be joyful and full of hope. Today is the best day to start something new: a new healthy habit, an adventure, a cleanse, a book, a hobby, a business, a work of art... Because if not now: when?

Living in the moment is about being present to what's so right now, and what we can do to make the best of it. Raising your vibration moment to moment is key to success! Yes, success. We measure success by how we feel about ourself and our life's work - not by someone else's measure or definition.

Today we offer you an in depth presentation about the World's Best Teas: Lemon House Tea Blends. Watch the new video on Lella Satie's YouTube Channel and delight in the beautiful teas, made for your health, vitality, inspiration and meditation.

These beautiful, organic, wild grown teas are created for health, immune system support, cleanse, detox, and raising of your vibration.