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The Fastest Way To Lose Weight & Stay Fit

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

If I look over the span of my life, probably the most frequent question I've been asked by people is how do I stay fit. I was mainly always thin or normal. I've experienced a few weight gain moments. You can guess when and why: during times when my lifestyle was more sedentary i.e. when I was studying for exams or most recently during this "new normal". There is nothing normal or natural about the times we are in - and hence we all need a cleanse. The planet needs a cleanse, our lifestyles need a cleanse and we need a cleanse. We need to let go of what doesn't serve us and what keeps us low in energy and vibration.

This is not a groundbreaking revelation, yet sometimes we need to hear things multiple times in different ways in order to accept the facts and practice that which we already know to be true.

Some of the key factors why people gain weight are unhealthy diet and lifestyle, lack of movement or emotional eating. A lot of people eat when they are stressed or when they feel a lack - an inner void that they are trying to fill with food: caused by their inner state of thoughts and feelings. They need to learn what their triggers are in order to avoid falling for the physical cues. You are in control - not your body, nor your mind!

Without further ado here are the Hot Tips for Hot Summer:

  • The FASTest Way To Lose Weight is to FAST on Water. That's it! Not only do you cleanse and detox during a fast, but you loose the unwanted body mass that for some people has been sitting there for years and kept wearing them down. When I'm lighter in my body I feel lighter in spirit, I feel better, I feel stronger and more clear in my mind.

You will lose weight if you fast on juice, however at a slightly slower rate than if you fast on water. And I'm sure you know that you will also loose weight if you switch your eating plan to a plant based, raw diet while you restrict the amount of calories based on your daily requirements and body type needs.

For my insight and guidance on how to water fast, what to expect and how to best prepare, browse through my previous Blog Articles on the topics of water fasting.

  • To Stay Fit, keep a consistent movement routine. Move Your Body! It can be as easy as brisk walking, swimming, dancing, jogging. Consistent daily movement is essential for a healthy and fit body. Even a 30min walk will do your body wonderful service. Exercise helps move the lymph system and support the organs by allowing for the energy and blood flow to circulate efficiently.

Of course, if you enjoy to sweat and feel your heartbeat to stay fit, a great kind of exercise is body resistance training with cardio. This is when you use your own body weight to resist while exercising your body muscles. Find the exercise that you enjoy, this will keep you motivated to keep on training, or just go for a walk for an hour.

Loosing weight on water is the fastest way and it takes effort of a strong prepared mindset. It can also be the beginning of a quickest weight re-gain. Your weight may come back quicker than you took it off - with no effort at all. To avoid the quick weight regain after a properly done water fast, you need to ease into eating slowly. You need to stick to a healthy lifestyle, eating the foods that nourish your body (real food no products in packages). Eat until you are 3/4 full. It takes 20min for your brain to register that you are full. Drink plenty of water during the day. Drink warm teas to keep feeling satiated.

Healthy practices might seem like hard work, but they are easy and natural when you find your happy place, your balance - where you are happy in your body, and your body is strong and healthy. You will feel alive with vitality and you will exude positive energy.

Always listen to your intuition for what is right for you. You know your body better than anyone else. Always choose health!



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