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The Great Secret

The Great Secret holds the compass to your life and happiness. The level of your participation in life (living life and creating experiences) and your resilience is correlated to the level of your connection to the fabric of your soul.

If you feel lost and stressed at the effect of whatever life has brought your way to measure your strength, here is a little secret weapon and the ultimate antidote against the toxins in your environment. What is Your Life for? The answer to this question holds the key, the power of all your tests, trials and fears. When you're aligned with your Life Purpose - nothing will hold the power over you. You will find a way, you will look for solutions, you will let go of attachments and you will have the courage.

We are all dealing with our "little concerns" amidst the greatest battle facing the collective of humanity since the recorded history. You hold the key to your own salvation. Deep within your heart is a song that brings joy to your soul. Find the notes and play them every day. When you live a meaningful life, you are at the source of your strength.

Who are you and what is your life for?

Life Purpose is Your Power. Don't think this has to be a grand task of "saving the planet". The planet doesn't need saving. She owns her power and she will cleanse and clear what is not good for her. We have to do the same. No-one is coming to save the day, we are the answer we've been looking for. Find the purpose in raising a child, find your purpose in keeping a nurturing environment for bees to thrive, find a purpose in holding a safe space for hearts to heal, find a purpose in planting a million trees...

There is no time to waste your energy on meaningless things. Nourish your heart and soul, your mind and your body with your ancestors' vedas. The sacred knowledge and wisdom of your grandparents' parents and their parents are full of treasures showing you a way of life that is aligned with nature - your nature - showing you a way to heal, to deal with life's challenges and a way to carry on the message of truths.

The Great Secret

is your life purpose

is your shield and veil

This is your metamorphosis

it's time you set your sail

The bell tower has rung

send the lighthouse a wave

With your vessel of life

Join the vessels of light

repeating one and all:

"I am the power

within all that is me

I am that I am

The Great Secret

is me

the great power



Is Real"

Love & Gratitude,

Lella Satie

Always in the HeART ♥️

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