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Skin, Hair & Mouth Care Routines

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Thank you for reading another Weekly Zest Blog. Most weekends the blog is posted on Saturday. Sometimes we flow with life and the blog gets to you on Sunday.

Enjoy the read with Sunday Jazz tunes and your favourite tea or coffee.

Life is like the riffs in jazz music. The imporov gives you freedom yet the mastery of a musician is to remain true to melody and the form. We hope this is how you're enjoying your life - staying true to your values, operating with integrity and still allowing the soul to express itself freely. Having liberty, with responsibility.

Take a deep breath: inhale, exhale and then ask yourself: what can you be grateful for in this moment? This is a great question that can give you a similar benefit as an hour long meditation. Gratitude is the best attitude and the greatest antidote to toxic thoughts and feelings. Gratitude is the quickest train to happiness, joy, content and fulfilment. It's free - and you can give it to yourself at any time! That is: any time that you choose to.

We are grateful for all the beautiful souls that will read this post - you inspire us to keep creating more content, learn from experience, research and prepare beautiful and new products. One of them currently in the making is a beautiful nourishing face oil, to be launched in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! Subscribe to our newsletter to get the news.

Thank you very much to everyone who sent us emails with questions and left comments. We will do our best to answer to most of them in blogs and upcoming vlogs. Today I'm inspired to answer the following question as we prepare the beautiful face oil.

You Asked: "I'd like to see more about the best products/practices for skin, teeth and hair."

My one line answer would be: if you wouldn't eat it - don't put it on your body. Our skin, nails, hair and mouth absorb everything we put on our body. They also show us how our gut and cell health look like on the inside. When someone has a skin irritation, they should be considering what toxins is the body trying to push out and release. When our organs, lymph system, blood and other pathways are clogged or toxic, the impurities find their way out of the body through the skin. Hair, skin & nails can also tell us if someone is lacking some nutrients; is dehydrated or if they are experiencing tremendous stress - which can dramaticaly effect the quality and elasticity of epidermis. As with our overall health and well being - we need to tend to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of body health.

For all of the above, a great thing to do is a cleanse or a detox. This can be achieved through healthy plant based diet, rich in minerals and nutrients that will support the detox of a given organ. Depending on what part of body you want to support during the cleanse you will choose the right foods for that body system. The Ancient Healing Practice of Signum Natura (meaning: sign of nature, birth of nature, to be born) tells us that all we need for health and sustenance is available to us in Mother Nature. Each organ or system of organs in the body has a signature in nature: a sign from Mother Earth that shows us, what is good for the body. This practice is looking at plants and all of nature and seeing symbols, colors, patterns and signs. Tomatoes are red like the heart, they have four chambers like the heart, and hence are great food for the heart. Carrots look like they have a pupil and the iris - they are great for the eyes. Walnuts have a left and a right hemisphere - like the brain, they are shaped like the folds of the brain, therefore they are a perfect sign for brain and food for thought. All of these simple recipes have been and can be confirmed by modern science, however science creates things in a lab, far removed from the laws of nature. Often times the treatments are not to be combined with the foods that are Signs of Nature as they can cause an adverse reaction.

Our gut and digestive system have a great impact on the overall health. A healthy biome is supported by fermented foods, vegetables, fruits and herbs. All what you eat and how much you hydrate shows on your skin. However, if you eat well and hydrate enough but you live in a constant fear and stress - this alone is corrosive to the body, skin, hair and nails. Stress produces chemicals that are taxing and toxic on the body (watch the upcoming Vlog - to be released on Tuesday). The skin care starts from healing from the inside out. This is my outter skin care routine:

  • Natural Soaps: free from toxins and chemicals.

  • Dry Brushing: using a skin brush for the body is a great way to remove dead skin cells. Brushing also stimulates lymph system which helps in elimination of toxins, including cellulite reduction.

  • Salt Scrub: you can easily make your own sea-salt scrub with essential and organic oils. It gives a similar benefit as dry brushing with the added moisturizing effect of the oils.

  • Bicarb Soda: a litle bit of bicarb soda with water and honey (optional) is a great and gentle face scrub.

  • Organic Aloe Vera Gel: after cleansing my face, this is the first thing I put on my skin. Aloe Vera Gel absorbs quickly and goes to the deeper skin layer. It is anti oxidant as it has Vit C & A. Whatever I put on my face, I apply to my neck and decolte area and also on my hands and wrists.

  • Organic non-comedogenic face oils. We are currently developing a perfect blend that is soothing for all skin types. An Ancient recipe from Egypt.

  • Lemon juice: lemon juice is great for helping with oily T zone.

  • Cucumber: whenever I eat a cucumber I take the inner side of a peal and just wipe all over my face, eyelids, neck and decolte.

Health of the mouth is vital in overall health. Amalgam fillings, root canals and mouth infections can be extremely toxic on the health. The best thing is to find a natural dentist who is trained in healing the mouth naturally. One of the best things I found for mouth health are following daily rituals:

  • Tongue Scraping: this alone is as important as flossing. Tongue scraper removes layers of bacteria that you can't get with your toothbrush.

  • Flossing - I don't think this one needs an explanation. The only way to get the in-between-spaces clean is by flossing.

  • Oil Pulling: I love this practice. It feels so clean and I can feel the benefits of healing when done consistently. Take a tablespoon of organic raw coconut oil and add a drop or two of organic peppermint essential oil (optional). It will take a few moments to melt the coconut oil in your mouth, then keep swishing and pulling the oil through your mouth and teeth. Do this for 15-20min and then spit out all of it. Do not swallow this as it will be full of mouth bacteria. Coconut oil is antiseptic, antimicrobial and will help with reducing mouth infections. There are claims that extended use can reduce or eliminate some cavities.

  • Fluoride free toothpaste. Fluoride is a neurotoxin. This means it affects your brain, and is known to calcify the pineal gland - your third eye/intuition/higher self/awareness/spiritual connection.

  • Activated charcoal. I love using charcoal either with or without toothpaste. It binds to bacteria and toxins and it's the best natural teeth whitener.

Hair Love - Story & My Rituals. Most of my life I've had naturally dry and frizzy hair. I believe I have an African ancestor in my DNA, and I've been of different skin colour in my previous life - but that's for another story. For years I've seen products that are sold as hair and nail supplements and I didn't want to try them becasue I was affraid that the unwanted hair that I was treating with laser will grow back if I take these supplements. Well - the time came when I had to do an experiment. I was on a water fast (not the last one that I did just over a week ago: Blog Post), but about two years ago. I had no access to natural spring water (essential, not only on a water fast but for every day) and I didn't want to drink chemically treated tap water - so I bought a water distiller and I drank the distilled water for weeks and maybe even for couple of months. I've noticed that my hair was thinning all of a sudden and that was the only change I could identify in my life at the time. I quickly stopped with distilled water and started taking natural organic hair, skin and nail supplements. Up until that point I didn't believe in supplements but I wanted a quick remedy for my hair. Within a few weeks of taking daily supplements my hair started to regenerate. The experiment that I didn't want to do, I had to: the unwanted laser-removed body hair didn't grow back, just the hair on my head. I was happy about that.

This is my hair routine:

  • Wash hair with non-toxic shampoo on day 4 or 5. My hair doesn't get greasy so I don't have to wash more frequently. Unless I want to wash it for a styling effect.

  • Non-toxic conditioner

  • Use honey and organic oils for hair mask: Olive Oil, Argan Oil

  • Trim hair ends (literrally milimeter or two, no more) every 6 weeks. If you want to grow longer hair don't let the hairdresser cut more than the split ends. Most of them do - and you gotta find one that will listen or learn to do it yourself.

  • Lemon juice: when it's sunny and warm outside I put lemon juice on my hair and go for a walk. This will lighten my hair naturally without the harsh chemicals. Lemon will also clear any skin and hair bacteria, and it will help with the shine. I do this on a day when I would wash my hair.

  • Let the hair air dry and let it loose. The more you fry it with irons and blow dryers the more damage your hair gets. Same goes with combs and hair scrunchies - they can pull on the roots. Find a style that works well for your hair type and your face shape.

To circle back to the beginning of this article and riff with the train of thought with my love of words. The etymology of word Liberty: is to be free, liber, liver, deliver, liberate, library, literacy, libro - book, liber - bark of a tree. If you put these words together and derive a meaning, you notice that to be literate is to be free. Now is the the time of educating yourself so that you can be free. We have to become our own healers, teachers and guides. It is time to shake up, wake up and stand up for what is right, what is true and what is Go(o)d.

Enjoy the sunny warm days looking for all that is positive in your world!

Infinite, Love & Gratitude,

Always in the HeART ♥️


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This week's Crystal recommendations:

IOLITE A rare and very powerful crystal to open the third eye intuition & inner seeing.

THULITE Perfect crystal to work with to discover inner power and beauty.

JASPER A wonderful crystal to begin a new journey of self love and self healing. This is true power and freedom.

Legal disclaimer this article and all of the website contents including blogs are our experiences, practices and personal beliefs and not medical advice.

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