Skin, Hair & Mouth Care Routines

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Life is like the riffs in jazz music. The imporov gives you freedom yet the mastery of a musician is to remain true to melody and the form. We hope this is how you're enjoying your life - staying true to your values, operating with integrity and still allowing the soul to express itself freely. Having liberty, with responsibility.

Take a deep breath: inhale, exhale and then ask yourself: what can you be grateful for in this moment? This is a great question that can give you a similar benefit as an hour long meditation. Gratitude is the best attitude and the greatest antidote to toxic thoughts and feelings. Gratitude is the quickest train to happiness, joy, content and fulfilment. It's free - and you can give it to yourself at any time! That is: any time that you choose to.

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Thank you very much to everyone who sent us emails with questions and left comments. We will do our best to answer to most of them in blogs and upcoming vlogs. Today I'm inspired to answer the following question as we prepare the beautiful face oil.

You Asked: "I'd like to see more about the best products/practices for skin, teeth and hair."

My one line answer would be: if you wouldn't eat it - don't put it on your body. Our skin, nails, hair and mouth absorb everything we put on our body. They also show us how our gut and cell health look like on the inside. When someone has a skin irritation, they should be considering what toxins is the body trying to push out and release. When our organs, lymph system, blood and other pathways are clogged or toxic, the impurities find their way out of the body through the skin. Hair, skin & nails can also tell us if someone is lacking some nutrients; is dehydrated or if they are experiencing tremendous stress - which can dramaticaly effect the quality and elasticity of epidermis. As with our overall health and well being - we need to tend to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of body health.

For all of the above, a great thing to do is a cleanse or a detox. This can be achieved through healthy plant based diet, rich in minerals and nutrients that will support the detox of a given organ. Depending on what part of body you want to support during the cleanse you will choose the right foods for that body system. The Ancient Healing Practice of Signum Natura (meaning: sign of nature, birth of nature, to be born) tells us that all we need for health and sustenance is available to us in Mother Nature. Each organ or system of organs in the body has a signature in nature: a sign from Mother Earth that shows us, what is good for the body. This practice is looking at plants and all of nature and seeing symbols, colors, patterns and signs. Tomatoes are red like the heart, they have four chambers like the heart, and hence are great food for the heart. Carrots look like they have a pupil and the iris - they are great for the eyes. Walnuts have a left and a right hemisphere - like the brain, they are shaped like the folds of the brain, therefore they are a perfect sign for brain and food for thought. All of these simple recipes have been and can be confirmed by modern science, however science creates things in a lab, far removed from the laws of nature. Often times the treatments are not to be combined with the foods that are Signs of Nature as they can cause an adverse reactio