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What Is Good in Your World?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

It's easy to find what's wrong with the world. You don't even need to look on the black screen, just look out the window. Wherever you are, you can find things that are "wrong". It's also easy to get in a conflict over biased beliefs, sacred cows and closed minded opinions on anything these days. It's a perfect time to look at our own world.

If everyone took care of their own business there would be no need to wait for someone else to figure things out for you or to tell you how to behave and what to do for your own good. Let's look at our own microcosm. What is Good? What are you grateful for? What are your priorities? What can you make better? What can you transform (make new and radically different not merely a version of the same)?

Look at your resources - all things of value that you have access to. Look at your skills and ability. What can you use and utilize? What can you create? We all have a golden opportunity to be part of a global shift. In the end - Light always wins. If not, we wouldn't have been here. Our ancestors have all gone through some form of traumas and wars since the beginning of time. If this is the invisible and silent global war on nature, what story will your choices tell? As you move back into Light where we came from; will you be able to say you lived your best life and you did all you could at any given moment or will you have regrets over not following through with your truth?

Our truth can change from time to time as we experience more things, learn and grow. If we don't stand for something, we are more likely to accept things we don't want. There are always opportunities you to create and be innovative. Shift the focus to finding a solution. It's an entrepreneurs' mindset finding a solution to a problem. If you are facing one right now and you are passionate about it, perhaps you can be part of an innovation. Move from negative talk and seeing the faults to creating solutions and creating the New World. Move from negative talk and seeing the faults to creating solutions and creating the New World.

The Conscious Tribe is creating innovative ways of doing business and "doing life". Not the one way we inherited from our family, or the one we borrowed from our communities, but the one that's aligned with our Soul, our heart and purpose. Create new work and it will find a place in the world. Those who need or want your gifts will offer an energetic exchange for your art.

Your New World 2020

Get back to centre.

Centre of You - the Self

The Higher Self, not the Ego.






The Rhythm

Of Your Heart -


Get back to centre.

Rise, expand

Lose your mind.

Be Mindful.

Less mind,

More Soul,

Heart -

Full of Joy.


To the rhythm of Soul

The rhythm of All there is -


It's the New World,

2020 Vision 20-20.


With your inner eye -

Your Third






Get back to Centre.

Feel -

All there is,

In all of you.


Spirit You -


in New World


Always in the HeART ♥️

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