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10 Ways to Be More Beautiful

Welcome Beautiful Soul to your space of inspiration for beautiful living.

With Spring still in the air it is time for Self Love, cleanse and TLC. When you begin to Love Yourself First, the world loves you back. You become more radiant as you expand your heart energy. The potent vibration pours out into your energy field and you become a magnet for all things beautiful. Self love is not self righteousness, ego and pretense. It is deep knowing of self, honoring one's roots and having respect for life itself.

Remember a time, when you were in a room full of people and you noticed a shift in energy by the one person who walked into the room. Everyone sensed their vibration before they even turned to notice them visually. That person had a powerful energy. The vibration of person's energy field can either be positive and attractive or heavy and repulsive vibration. Each moment you have a choice. How you vibrate is your inner work. If you don’t tend to your garden of thoughts and your valley of emotions - you will be swayed by your circumstances and at the effect of your life rather than a conscious creator. You will be a reactor.

Conscious creation is not about ignoring or avoiding low vibration emotions. You are human and all your feelings are valid. How long you choose to honor them and what you choose to do with them is your responsibility. You can use anger as a positive force to create what you really desire. Experiences that give you contrasting feelings inform you of where you are and where you want to be, and then you choose how to move forward and in which direction.