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10 Ways to Be More Beautiful

Welcome Beautiful Soul to your space of inspiration for beautiful living.

With Spring still in the air it is time for Self Love, cleanse and TLC. When you begin to Love Yourself First, the world loves you back. You become more radiant as you expand your heart energy. The potent vibration pours out into your energy field and you become a magnet for all things beautiful. Self love is not self righteousness, ego and pretense. It is deep knowing of self, honoring one's roots and having respect for life itself.

Remember a time, when you were in a room full of people and you noticed a shift in energy by the one person who walked into the room. Everyone sensed their vibration before they even turned to notice them visually. That person had a powerful energy. The vibration of person's energy field can either be positive and attractive or heavy and repulsive vibration. Each moment you have a choice. How you vibrate is your inner work. If you don’t tend to your garden of thoughts and your valley of emotions - you will be swayed by your circumstances and at the effect of your life rather than a conscious creator. You will be a reactor.

Conscious creation is not about ignoring or avoiding low vibration emotions. You are human and all your feelings are valid. How long you choose to honor them and what you choose to do with them is your responsibility. You can use anger as a positive force to create what you really desire. Experiences that give you contrasting feelings inform you of where you are and where you want to be, and then you choose how to move forward and in which direction.

Every day you have a new opportunity to make a difference for yourself, because no-one is coming. It is up to you to do and make of your life what you will. You are a social being and you are here to connect, grow and share experiences with another, however, you get to do your inner work on your own.

I am inspired by the magic of this most beautiful season Spring. It is a season of growth, renewal and regeneration. It is time for plucking the weeds and pruning the old branches so that the new beautiful ones can grow strong and nurture the budding flowers that will bear fresh new fruit.

Here are a few insights & reminders to help you glow from within and radiate powerfully and beautifully, inside-out. A beautiful person is One who exudes Beautiful Energy!

10 Ways to Be More Beautiful 💗 10 Ways to Love Yourself More

1. THOUGHTS: Tend to your Garden of Thoughts.

Do a Spring Cleaning. If your (frequent) thoughts don’t serve you, let them go. You’ve heard Einstein's quote: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Replace a low vibration thought with a new higher vibration thinking. You are what you think! Everything you allow into your mind-space, you call into your life. Instead of looping in the perception of no possibility - ask yourself questions: How can you move forward from where you are? What can you do that you know to do and that you haven’t been doing that will make a difference? Who do you know that you can ask for insights? With each thought "message of the mind" you are sending out a signal into the Universe (wether or not you want it, the Universe responds with the same energy of your thoughts/words/vibration). With each thought/word, you are casting a spell. Each thought that your mind fabricates and each word that you utter is a seed that you plant, and you know how it goes: “a man reaps what he sows.

2. FEELINGS: Feelings are triggered by your thoughts and your sense of vibrational energy. Hence the first item to cleanse are your Thoughts!

There are a multitude of ways in which you can elevate your feelings. Positive thinking, mindfulness, affirmations, meditation, nature, walks, exercise, dance, music and other activities that bring you joy. Make it a practice to do something that cultivates your high energy feelings. Feelings are a magnet that draws in that which you think and feel.

3. ACTIONS: What do you do for yourself every day! Personal growth and development is not a one time thing. It’s not a course or a book that you read and forget. It's not your understanding of a concept and knowing things. It’s the every day actions, routines and practices. As with everything in nature: You are either expanding or contracting. Nothing is static. There is no status quo in life. If you want to experience expansion and transformation you have to make progress and take action every day. One step at a time - becomes a mile travelled in a week, month, year. Keep moving. Keep doing. Keep learning. Keep growing.

4. TIME: If you feel like you don’t have time for this or that or you keep telling yourself that you will do it tomorrow, next week, on Monday, on New Years day... You are only making excuses and procrastinating. It’s mid May already. Almost half of another year turns it's page. There is no better time that Now, and then Now Thereafter. Make time for what is important! Add all of those minutes that you're plugged into a screen and there is your 20min walk, there is your 45min workout, there is your 1 hr of study/work/creation time… If you don’t make time for yourself, life will “happen” to you and engage you in ways that you don't want.

5. BODY: Your outside is a reflection of your inside. The inside of your mind, body, heart and soul radiate with energy (of their vibration). Are you loving to your body temple with the right food, sleep & hydration? Are you aware of what’s in your soaps, lotions and potions. Some of those chemicals that enter through your skin have a damaging effect on the body chemistry, the endocrine system and DNA. Be clean - mind your hygiene (pun intended), read the labels. Do you love yourself with clothes and adornments that bring you joy? Let your beauty shine through as you express yourself. Do you need to educate yourself on healthy lifestyle? You can find nuggets of truths and health advice from various experts. Different sources have opposing views. It's up to you to intuit, discern and feel what is right for you. You cannot have deep connection to your intuition if your Gut health is not optimal. Maybe you need a Detox to cleanse and clear the stuff you consumed (packaged goods sold as "food") or the stuck energy from stress and trauma or emotional eating.

6. MOVEMENT: You cannot create newly from stagnant energy.

You have to move your body. Exercise at least 20-30min a day -even walking counts. Dance to your favorite songs. Just move. Insights and inspiration will find you when you are in motion - not when you are stuck and dwelling in same place with same thoughts and heavy energy.

7. Is your HEART Full: Do things that inspire you. Connect to your inner child. Remember what brought you joy and go do it: paint, write, knit, collect crystals, garden, play an instrument... Make time for what elevates your energy & vibration of your Heart. Heart energy is the most powerful magnet. It is your superpower. Nurture it, open to it, love it, tend to it and your heart will guide you to wonderful things.

8. Be SOULful: be Conscious of your higher self. Connect to your soul through meditation, take time for solitude, be in nature or be in the flow of your work that lifts your soul and inspires you. Spiritual awakening happens and your connection to soul is in flow when you have balance and alignment of mind, body and heart.

9. GRATITUDE: is the greatest antidote for low vibration. Be grateful for what you have. Be thankful for your life’s experiences. They make you stronger and wiser. The more you love your life, the more life will love you. The more you love you, the more you will be loved. Self love and respect is different than living in vain. Self Love and higher awareness has no ego. Your gratitude with what you have will raise your vibration of Gratitude and it will attract more things to be grateful for.

10. GIVING is a Gift: Make an effort to give. When you give, you are telling the Universe that you have more than enough.

Give a gift, give your expertise, give a compliment, do a kind deed. Be kind and make an act of giving as part of your life. The more you give - the more you will have. Don’t do it and then feel regret for (over)doing something. Do what feels right. When there's an opportunity - open your hand and give. When you give your hand is free and open to receive even more.


Be selfish with your Time and Energy. Guard your values and have integrity with your actions. Love Yourself first & most of all in ways that honor life. You are loved, you are enough, you are beautiful - because there is no one else like you. Be the best YOU can be! You are alive. Breathe and be grateful. You are worthy to live life beautifully. What you reflect and project you should expect. Life is beautiful when you live your values. You are beautiful when you feel and radiate beauti(fully).

Much Love,

Lella Satie

Always in the HeART ♥️

Lella Satie Artist, PEH Academy Instructor, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Creator

P.S. I love to hear from you. How do you keep yourself empowered?


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