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2020 Was A Great Year!

If you are one of those people who looked with disdain at 2020 at the final hours count down as you wished for a better and much different 2021 - you might not be aware that every Transformation is uncomfortable, most likely painful and no-one really wants it until they are faced with a life or death situation created by either physical, emotional or spiritual trauma.

For those of us on a path of awakening for well over a decade or more, we were not as surprised by what we are going through globally, as it all has been foretold by numerous wise people. What's more surprising are the reactions of people struggling to stay in a bubble trying to pull back the veil of status quo. You don't have to be psychic to see that nothing is what it seems to be - you have to be willing to look beyond the confines of your mind(set), your personal experience and your bogus beliefs.

What different, beautiful, hopeful can you wish for in 2021 if you are not willing to transform, adapt and be the change that you wish for. As in every situation, where there is pain there is a solution. "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional" -Buddha. If humanity did not experience any pain or suffering there would be no urgency for a wake up call, for a radically different way of doing life - for awakening to truth. While 2020 was a year of despair and fear for many - it was a year of necessary contrast so that people can witness and experience a different possibility for life altogether. There are many industries, practices and commonly acceptable "norms" that are not common at all; have no integrity, ethical or moral values and are far removed from Nature - our nature and All Nature There Is.

Is it obvious that there are mistakes in how things were and still are handled? If you think that solutions are coming from the "same old" ways of "doing business" that got us here; you gotta think again. If you rely on the same modus operandi that caused so many problems - perhaps it's time for a new global community that creates solutions based on Universal and Cosmic Laws and Truths Honouring All (All sentient beings, One Great Nature that We All Are part of and made of). This Global Community already exists, there are many ripples simultaneously happening right now and you don't need an invitation to join.

What actions will you take to make a difference in the world? What are you implementing in your personal life to make a difference for yourself so that you can step into your power and full self expression?

It is very different to be woke and to act with all of your potential. You are not a body with parts made to eat, sleep and react to life. You are greater than the sum of your parts. You have more undiscovered treasures of you than science will ever acknowledge or discover. Begin to awaken to your truth, your full potential and your greatness! The world needs you, now more than ever. Wake up, get up and stand up for what you believe. Be the power that created you, be who you were meant to be!

What our Community is up to?

The Pure Energy Healing Academy Opens Doors to new Healers.

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