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Art Is For The Soul

Hello Beautiful Soul,

This week I’m writing to you from the Art capital of the world. It can take much time to describe the city of Florence, her culture and history as layered over centuries. As she welcomes you, with every sense of your being you can feel the art. With every gaze you see beauty, with every breath you are inspired. As you walk the streets where the great masters carved, painted and scribed passionately you can resonate deeper with the meaning of the word inspiration and breathe it all in. You can witness the heritage left behind for posterity.

If you can ignore for a moment how the arts, sciences and architecture were funded -and the subject matter of much of the art as commissioned by the governing cabal, namely religious and ruling members - you can admire the craftsmanship and the artistry. If you can read between the lines of brushstrokes and feel the air where the chisel struck the marble, you can attune to the untold stories left for those who have the eyes to see, the ears to hear and intuition to feel. Have the wisdom to know the difference between history (his story) and mystery (my story).

You can see the records left in plain sight - yet most won't see them, much less delve deeper into the multitude of layers to find the hidden meanings. Those inner nudges you might want to keep for yourself or a forum of like-minded scholars. That is, if you don't want to be an excessively "odd person" at the dinner table than you already have "proven yourself" to be.

You can feel and see art as you walk into a family-run-business from ten generations or more and admire the hand-made arts and crafts created in a similar fashion for centuries: from jewellery, fashion, paper store, cafes and more. Walk the squares to witness the sculptures in white marble from the unknown artists from an era long ago, before they started counting time from the birth of a supposed man of Nazareth. Time is infinite, like we all are in our existence, and thinking we've been here for a few thousand years keeps us in a small box. Expand your perception and you'll expand your consciousness. Be infinite.

We all live in a different world as experienced by our inner self. Even though we might seem to be in the same linear time-space "reality" we'll have a different experience on the same point on this x/y axis. As you stroll through the ancient records you are reminded how much has remained the same. The more things change the more they stay the same.

As a lover of wisdom and truth this article is taking a form of a philosophical record of my thoughts and experiences. Though her blossoming days are past, she remains fragrant and well kept. Florentia (Florence/Firenze from flourishing, prosperous, blossoming, flowering) is like the most prized flower in a herbarium. She guides you to inspire - breathe into the ages.

I’ve discovered new affinities for certain styles and artists. Encounters with the work of Filippo Lippi stirred my spirit. His work having a soulful sensibility as compared to the work by a painter of a similar school. Botticelli might have been a greater technician than his teacher but the master has the dominion of transmitting the subtle emotion. My randezvous with marble statues reignited my passion for this art form and maybe even a remembrance of a certain life lived. This is one of those internal conversations I like to keep to myself, however I'm writing to those who are interested in my work and by now I think you've read enough of my writing that you can take this in and make of it what you will.

The message of the day I hope will motivate you to seek an artful way to express your soul's energy and vibration. Let yourself free in a moment to find a way to transmit your individual story and view of world as witnessed by your unique experience. You might be surprised by a certain clarity and passion when you express yourself and then inspiration will flow. Don't wait for inspiration as it will find you when you're deeply involved in your work honouring your soul. Art is for the Soul! Art is Beautiful and Beauty elevates the Heart - seat of the soul. Art connects us to our higher self. As we create or consume Art, being inspired by the beauty of it, we are in a meditative-like state, enlightened and elevated by the invisible and spiritual energy that binds us all (to the one). Start your book, begin painting, open a bakery and do your best - your art form will honour your heart and your heart will attract good.

Much love from my already next location which you might read about in the next week's article here at Lemon House, as sometimes I have to split the hours of writing. I'm setting off for a walk to explore, seek new wisdom and truth.

Thank you for reading,

Much love, Lella Always in the HeART ♥️

Lella Satie Artist, PEH Academy Instructor, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Creator

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