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Breaking Through Fear

Fear is humanity’s biggest enemy. The enemy is not the disease, the system, the others who are different than “us”; nor the never ending what if scenarios. Fear sets off a chain of chemical, emotional and energetic reactions in the body. It compromises the immune system and causes illness. It acts like corrosion on the body, mind and spirit. This enemy keeps people from breaking free from the norms; from set-in patterns and the constraints of one’s beliefs. Fear is the distain people have of “others” who aren’t like them. Familiarity and what they can understand or anticipate is what keeps people in the comfort zone. Fear keeps people small. It keeps them from expansion and transformation of being their true self to express their potential. Fear is what keeps people from leaving jobs; people or circumstances they can't stand; abusive relationships or any situation that takes a toll on their spiritual, physical or emotional well being.

You might think that most of these statements are common sense. Yet most things common or simple are not always easy to implement. Everyone

knows how to stay fit yet not everyone is. Everyone's fear is an indication of their spiritual and emotional awareness. When people face a difficulty as a victim, and look at all the possible things that can go wrong, they can create a self fulfilling prophecy. If they feel sorry for themselves, they get consumed by fear and negative energy and vibration. This in turn continues the self destructive patterns. Those who face a challenge with a positive mindset and strong heart-set show their resilience. They look for a solution which inevitably flows with more creativity, inspiration and resourcefulness.

When people face a difficulty, if they measure their experience against others' that's where the pitfall is. Our spirit chose the given challenges to grow through, learn from and elevate. Your worst nightmare might be someone else's experience which they wouldn't give a second thought; and you might judge their worst experience as "nothing compared to what you are going through". The only person you should be focusing on, competing with and measuring against is yourself. Are you listening to your heart and soul - your higher self? Did you do your best today? That's all that you should focus on. You don't know what tomorrow brings and yesterday is the past - and you cannot do anything about that. The only thing you have the power to change is every moment of NOW. Doing your best at any given moment. What you know today, you weren't aware of yesterday - so stop thinking of what you should have, could have done. Hindsight is 20-20. Open yourself, your third eye and your will power to the new 2020. Listen to your soul and hear it's whispers of what's really important.

Transform yourself and break through fear by looking at your life from the future. Ask yourself, will any of this matter ten years from now; six months or two weeks? Where your attention goes, energy flows. What are you focusing on, in those "worst moments" when fear hits. Do you look for a solution or do you find more evidence of how things are bad.

To break through fear you can get some ideas from my blog "13 Ways To Deal With Fear". Find a mentor - someone whom you trust who can help you reset and get up! Start a new routine which will nurture and foster your healthy and strong body, mind and soul. Create #art. Listen to music. Heal yourself with crystals. Go for a massage. Use aromatherapy and essential oils. Connect with nature. Do what your little boy/girl loved to do. He/she will always guide you to inner happiness. That inner joy and Joie De Vivre is what makes all the difference to help you move from fear and despair to finding the light. It's your switch, your insta-good, just remember to flick it on as often as you can. ♥️

My recommendations for crystals that help with breaking through fear are Lava Stone, Shungite & Tektite. I didn't think much of them at first appearance, but I've grown to fall in love with them. Lava Stone is a beautiful healing stone. It helps with grounding, letting go of fear and negativity. It helps you connect to your essence. I wear Tektite to feel stronger, and to protect myself from negativity. Shungite is my go to crystal at the moment. I wear it daily. It's a beautiful and powerful crystal for shielding from negativity, fear, low energy, EMF, and it enhances that beautiful natural feeling of All is well! And I promise you, it is. You are a powerful, beautiful spirit. Remember who you are and you will find your way out of any fear. Your love and light, your power within is more powerful than any fear. No fear can handle the strength and courage radiating from your heart - the seat of your soul. And that is your magic and your power.

Much love,

Always in the HeART ♥️

Artist, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Pure Energy Healing Academy Instructor

More recommendations to help healing and strengthening of the body, mind and heart:

I cannot say enough about the Organic Essential Oil Blend Sacred Oil. It is created to help with healing of the body, mind and soul. Each plant and herb of this beautiful essential oil helps with the healing on all three levels. Sacred Oil benefits and full description.

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