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Water Fast

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Hello beautiful soul. It is my day four of an extended water fast. I wanted to share with you my experience of fasting. If you are new to self healing, or never heard of a liquid fast, you might think it's impossible to live without food. Most people are conditioned to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and then snack in between. Many years ago humans didn't have ready made, fast foods and they didn't nuke them in microwave ovens. They planted, harvested, gathered their food. They prepared it and preserved for the colder days. This took much time and effort and it kept them connected to Mother Earth and the source of their nourishment.

I have been plant based for over 13 years. I believe this is the best nourishment for my overall well being. I know people can be healthy eating animals if they are well balanced in all aspects of their wellness. Food is not only satiating your hunger, most people are feeding their emotions. Food effects your thoughts and overall quality of life. It either nourishes you or it makes you toxic. "Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates, Father of Medicine. However, healthy food sometimes is not enough if you are toxic. You got to cleanse and tend to your other parts of being (read my previous blog The Four Sacred Parts of You). Every part of the world has exactly what people need to survive and heal, from fruits and vegetables to healing herbs. Source local and organic foods and plant your own if you can.

Knowing why you want to fast is essential to help you get through it. Having a strong mindset in the process is key. You can think yourself out of a fast or you can have a clear and focused mind on taking one day at a time through the process. If you've never done a fast before, one day or three might be just the right start. Eliminating bad stuff from your diet - all the non foods being sold as food: packaged products, filled with colours, flavours, additives, sugars and other toxic substances. This in-itself would do your body a lot of good. Doing intermittent fasting is also beneficial. This is when you only eat between midday and 6PM, to allow the body the time to process food and cleanse. Did you know that when the body stops digesting food when you're on a fast it goes into autophagy. This is when the body starts to detox, cleanse and use up the energy from things that don't belong in your body.