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The Four Sacred Parts of You

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Let this Spring be the time when you let go of unwanted weight from your body and mind - and see how your emotions heal as you start to feel stronger from within. On the scale of joy, where are you? Do you feel happy and joyful and you're feeling inspired; or are you moody; feeling tired; sluggish and have no motivation? Do you go by in your day being triggered by multitude of things? You might be experiencing some of these symptoms because your body cannot hold any more toxic matter (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental) and it's time for a cleanse.

Don't blame your mood on winter. I don't understand weather conversations and statements with words "bad weather". Our beautiful Mother Earth has cold and warm climates. Some parts of the world have distinct four seasons and others not. The weather does what it's supposed to do in a given season in a given region. I love all kinds of weathers - when it's Sunny I embrace the Sun; when it's rainy - I enjoy the rain. Expansion and contraction is a constant cycle of life. Expansion and contraction is what is needed for the body.

I've talked about my holistic approach to self healing in previous blogs. You can read through the articles and find my tips and practices. When you can no longer stop yourself from negative reactions; when you see the glass half empty and the gloom of the world is your daily broadcast - you got to do something different. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is a sign of madness.

You are not your physical body; you are not your emotions; you are not your thoughts; you are a soul residing in a physical body having a human experience. What you allow to flourish in your mind - you attract in your physical reality. No one and no thing can make you who you are. Years of conditioning through your upbringing; environment; beliefs; thoughts; actions and reactions have created a finely tuned "computer you" to react without you even thinking. The body memorized all your reactions and they are on repeat. Think of you driving to your daily stops; when you get to a destination, you can't recall much of the scenery along the way. You were somewhere else - and your body got you there. Every thought produces a chemical reaction; and thus the hormones you trigger, manifest a feeling and cause a reaction. You might hold-on to those feelings for a while and react in a moment to someone or something unrelated to your chemistry. Either way - if you don't tend to the garden of your mind; your chemical imbalance of the brain will take over and you will be a nuclear reactor blasting out at people around you and attracting situations in your life that you don't want.

As you are a physical; spiritual being, you cannot rely on one thing to keep you happy in life. Spirituality is not the answer for your pain and suffering if you are thinking toxic thoughts and bathing in anger every day. Healthy diet won't be healing if you feel bad all the time. You got to have balance in all the ways you are being and you have to love yourself in every way. Love yourself by the thoughts you choose to have; love yourself by being kind to others; love yourself with the foods that nourish your body; love yourself by the feelings you grow inside your heart...

The Four Sacred Parts of YOU need your full attention!

1. Body: The body expands and contracts with movement, exercise and stretching. It also does so with cleanse and detox. Get on a plant based diet for at least 30 days and/or do a cleanse or a fast. Did you know that most people have some parasites, and those "things" can mess with your mind. Get them out and you will feel so much better; you will have clarity of thought; you won't be angry or have food cravings and hunger pangs. All the accumulated sugars, heavy metals, plastics and other toxins are making you feel bad. I am in the middle of a detox, second week of a cleanse followed by an extended juice and water fast. I will share more in the following blogs about my process. Every time I do it, I learn something new.

2. Mind: Watch what your mind consumes and what thoughts you allow to linger and what conversations you keep looping in your head. The mind is but a servant of the soul - use it as such. Don't let your mind take control and create suffering by fooling you into believing non-truths. Are you aware that 95% of your thoughts are repetitive? Do you think of others in a judgemental way; are you critical of everything; do you gossip (talk about someone else in a way that you would not if they were in the same room listening to you); are you constantly observing what is wrong with the world... With every thought - you are sending a signal to the Cosmos of what you will attract. With every thought you trigger a chemical reaction of how you will feel. Cleanse the mind: meditate, use affirmative statements, get busy in creating something magical and inspiring that you won't have idle time for chit-chat. Start having meaningful conversations with self and others and the world will become a lot more beautiful! Like magic - you will transform your life, feelings and outlook.

3. Heart: Open your heart to love. See the humanity in everyone, forgive them for their mistakes, open yourself to loving the soul within you and you will feel the blessing of life. Gratitude is the best attitude and the quickest way to elevated feelings. No matter where you are in life - focus on those things that you can be grateful for: your breath, your life, the Sun, Earth and water, your cells, your organs. Then expand to other things you can be grateful for. When you notice your vibration or your energy is going down, check in with the heart and identify what caused your emotions to feel like suffering or pain. It is likely an automatic response to a thought. Stop the pattern, change and think of a positive thought. In the infinity of the Cosmos there are infinite possibilities of how your situation will evolve. Why suffer with the negative ones? Choose the ones that light you up and lift you up.

4. Soul: Lift your spirit by meditating, using crystals, essential oils, incense and by doing things that inspire you. The word inspire means to breathe into. Breathe what? Breathe life into you. Raise your vibration and you will raise your intuition. You will be able to see with your eyes closed, you will be able to foresee and intuit with ease.

Here is to my favourite Season - Spring!

Always in the HeART ♥️

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