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My Healing Protocols

Self healing is self empowerment. Self healing has no room for blame and no time for victimhood. It is a path that you got to clear on your own. You might get a helping hand or a guiding message but YOU have got to do The Work. These are the steps I take for my self healing. I've integrated protocols from natural self healing modalities that resonate with me. If I'm going through something new, I ask those who've walked the same path before me to share their own experience. I adapt them and adjust to what works for me. No-one knows my body better than I do - therefore no-one can help it better than I can.

Where I've come from is over a decade of plant based nutrition; transformational programs; self healing techniques and spiritual awakening. I see and feel things that a lot of people don't. When you are not connected to your body, heart and soul and when your thinking is not clear - when your mind is full and not mindful, you will be more dense in energy and likely not feel as much as those of us who are on a path of self healing and a lifestyle of health with connection to Mother Nature.

Give yourself time to self heal and get your power back! Experiencing a quality of life and well being is a direct result of your health; vitality; clear mind and spiritual awareness.

These steps you may apply in this order, however there are times when it is more appropriate to skip the step and go to a technique or do an action that is needed immediately and should not wait. If you need proof for any of these techniques, the best thing is to try it for yourself. The Big Secret being: you have to believe it. If you need "scientific evidence" you can find a lot of research on each of these steps. If you believe that someone else can take better care of you - this blog is not for you. My Self Healing Protocols are part of my life and lifestyle. I don't eat plant based nutrition and drink my green juice and lemon water when I'm not feeling well - I do it ongoingly. I cannot always control all the stressors; my environment or life as it unfolds, and that's when I consciously choose the best technique for my well being.


I inquire within my higher self: Where is this situation coming from? Why am I experiencing this symptom? What is the metaphysical reason of me experiencing this symptom? What is the Energetic/Emotional/Mindset trigger of what is going on? This step alone often times is enough for me to experience complete healing. As soon as I distinguish the source of the low vibration of what I've felt, or what I've thought, or what I've experienced that's made me express particular energy as a symptom - like magic - the healing begins and often times I experience instantaneous release and healing. I follow with my other healing protocols.


I do a Pure Energy Healing technique on myself and I use the Pure Energy Healing Tools: LEMON HOUSE Sacred Incense, Sacred Oil, Sacred Mist, crystals. I raise my vibration by tending to my garden of thought, weeding out the negative thinking. I let the powerful healing vibration of Sacred Tools raise my vibration to feel better, to lift my spirit, to feel lighter in energy and happier in emotion. LEMON HOUSE products are made from Sacred healing ingredients with powerful positive intentions for the body, mind and soul. You can read more about their properties here and in description of each product.


The physical body suffers when the body is toxic or deficient in certain essential nutrient(s). For a lot of people it's both. I support my body with the right food-medicines. I drink a lot of water. I fast multiple times a year: sometimes just on water and sometimes on juice. Being vegan is the healthiest choice for My body and it's a joy! There is so much play you can have being creative with just a few ingredients, having a very different tasting meal, in the way you prepare it. Being plant based can help you taste real food and heal your taste buds to actually taste and feel each single fruit of the Earth on a level that gives new meaning to food. You will notice that each single plant-food has a multitude of flavour, texture and feeling. You will feel the healing energy transmit from the plants to your cells.


I go into nature and let Mother Nature cleanse, clear and heal me. The healing power of Mother Nature is underestimated and often times dismissed. She is our source and resource. We are Nature - what better way to heal and feel well than connecting with Mother Earth. Daily walks in nature are essential for well being. My favourite way to take a break from work is to go for a walk in nature. I do it multiple times a day. While in nature you can do many things to connect to your greatest healer and really allow her flow through you to heal you. Here are a few ideas: next time you go for a walk to a local park, find a tree that speaks to your spirit and wrap your hands around it (don't worry about what others might think of you - you might even inspire them); go to a water source and let the element of fresh water cleanse and clear your energy; connect to an animal; appreciate the beauty of a flower... My favourite ritual and one of the most powerful healing practices for me is Sungazing. I love this practice at sunrise and sunset. (I describe my Sungazing ritual in my upcoming Heal Thyself Course).

Step 5: LOVE

Self Love is Self Healing. Love is a powerful positive energy vibration of the heart and language of the soul, and as such is extremely healing. If you don't love yourself with all of your being and all of your cells, then how can you expect the world to love you. This is not to be mistaken with Ego-Self-Love and pure selfishness at the expense of someone or something else. True Self Love is kind, forgiving and generous to self and others. How many ways of Self Love can you think of? Here are a few examples: self care; exercise; healthy lifestyle; food for mind, body and soul; art; soothing sounds; spiritual awakening; acts of kindness; gratitude; positive thinking; affirmations e.g. I love me, I am loved, I love, I am love.


There are many ways you can meditate. It is about being present in the moment, clearing the mind chatter. This practice elevates our consciousness and awareness. It leads to inspiration, creativity and a regulated, soothing heart rate. It helps to calm the mind and soothe the heart and emotions, therefore naturally eliminating low energy vibrations of fears, stress, worry and other negative triggers.


Doing the work that you love never feels like work. Time goes by and you are not aware that you've been at work. This is not only meditative for the soul but also essential for the overall well being. Life is not void of pain and neither should it be void of pleasures. Engaging in activities that give you pleasure and that make your heart sing with joy is where many have found the meaning of life. Make time for your art, make time for play or activity that makes your cells dance and sing. Your passion will engage your essence of being and find you in flow of creativity and infinite possibility.


Create time and space where your Self Healing and Self Expression thrive. Join a community where you are supported and celebrated. These elements are essential for overall well being and self healing.

I leave you with these final thoughts.

No man has created anything better than the Creation itself. No-one cares about my body better than I do. Always with Nature as I am from Nature.

You might stumble and fall but if you pick yourself up again every time and continue - you will reap the rewards along the way as you stop and enjoy the view on a magical road of life.

To Your Self Love & Healing,

With Love,


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Always in the HeART ♥️

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Disclaimer: This blog post and all other information contained on this website is a personal opinion for your information and entertainment. Lella Satie and Lemon House do not profess medical advice nor quick cures nor health advice.


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