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Discovering Abundance

Hello Beautiful Soul,

It's been a Summer of delight! I hope you felt the joy and witnessed the glory of this Happy Season. I hope you danced, swam, ran, sun bathed and ate a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. And if you haven't - what are you waiting for?! Get up and run! Go outside and hug a tree, rejoice that you are alive, breathing and feeling.

Abundance has been the word that defined my Summer. I witnessed the fruits of my labour. I ate fresh fruits and vegetables from the gardens and lands that I have the honour and privilege to tend to. There are no words to describe the experience of eating freshly picked fruits and vegetable - especially if you are a plant based eater and most of your diet is raw vegan; AND especially after a water fast - which has become my monthly practice. The more I fast the more satiated I am with less.

When you love the land and the plants - they love you back. They provide the abundance that is available to all of us. I've discovered a deeper meaning of the word abundance. Mother Earth is so bountiful especially where her children grow and where they tend to the land. I remember my beautiful nana whom I wrote about a few times and in this Blog. When we went to her house a few years after the war and witnessed the devastation of the land and the estate, she said that the trees don't bear fruits where there are no people. All of her almond trees and other fruit trees were dried up and the little that grew were all shrivelled. I've seen this in other places. The land next to the one I tend to now where no one lives nor cares for, the fruits are all dried up. They get the same sunshine and rain as the ones I"m picking from - yet there is not a single juicy fruit. There is abundance for the grateful. Even in the desert under the sand, creatures live. They live differently than the ones in the Amazon and that's the beauty of nature's uniqueness and diversity.

I'm sure you've heard a version of this statement many times before: Instead of focusing on lack, be grateful for what you have and you will have more things to be grateful for. When you tap into these powerful laws of Cosmos - you will live and bathe in this vibration. Instead of thinking you can't - find a way! Ask. Be creative. Learn a new skill and share it. Provide value from what you can create. Exchange your services. Be open to giving and receiving.

In the light and spirit of Abundance I'd like to share with to you what we've created at The Pure Energy Healing Academy. Right now we are offering a sliding scale pricing for our beautiful, powerful and most transformational courses in the world. Yes, I am bold and I am making this statement because I stand by the work we do at the Academy. Having been a student, a healer, an instructor and now a director at the Academy I've seen the difference Pure Energy Healing has made for people and the difference it made in my own healing and spiritual journey. Our courses are life changing, empowering and healing. To watch and read testimonials please follow this link. The next course with Live Sessions is this October 6-9, 2022.

Let's flow from Summer to Fall and love the gift of every day. May you see the beauty around you, may you feel love in your heart and may you sense the power that you are - being a perfect creator who manifests your desires with ease.

With much love and gratitude,

Lella Satie

Always in the HeART ♥️

Lella Satie Artist, PEH Academy Instructor, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Creator

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This Week's Recommendations:

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GIFT CARD Give a gift to someone - for no reason other to give! Let the abundance flow.

NEW CRYSTALS New beautiful healing crystals!

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