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Everything Will Be

Hello Beautiful Soul,

It's a sunny Saturday in my corner of Earth where I have the pleasure of being as I write this article for you. I enjoyed a lovely walk in nature through some shrubs and fields with a particularly endearing dog. I followed her, she followed me and we navigated together in delight and serenity. I looked up and admired a fluffy cloud. Nature always brings me peace and calm. It soothes the mind and heals the soul. It feeds the body and heart with her beauty most of all.

Over the last several weeks I've been deeply engaged in some earthly tasks as I felt and sensed the spiritual and energetic world tumbling like the clothes in a dryer. In my heart, mind and soul I've been dancing between the awareness of what's happening to our Collective Souls of Humanity and All Life on this planet and the reality of Now - the present. Moment by moment choosing to step in each of these worlds coexisting simultaneously. No matter what is happening, we have to remember to live. Everyone will choose their path, yet we ought to take steps on a path of hope, every single day. We got to keep on moving forward.

Burdens are many even for those not feeling a stark contrast in their quality of life prior to constraints. The vibration of Mother Earth and energy of all sentient beings, plants and all life is affected by the present chaos. I think it's understood that we don't need to preface a statement with "scientifically proven" to ensure our listener will believe or hear what we're saying. Beautiful soul, you know the truth - you can feel it. You know what is right and what is wrong - you can sense it. For those more empathic and intuitive, though more vulnerable - we're trained to be stronger in face of adversity. We've felt deeper and stronger emotional experiences of pure joy and love and also of pain and fear. We can now show the others how to keep strong and light up from within. Close your eyes and see the road ahead. The light is there. It always has been.

Everything will be

When the tides rise

or you make a wrong turn

stay strong

When nothing is right

and no-one can hear your plight

stay strong

When you feel it's over

and they do you wrong

stay strong,

stay strong

Everything will be

whatever might be

stay strong

for darkness has nowhere to hide

when lightness of being is ON


You belong

here and now

for this moment

you came along

You are the electron

and the ion

stay strong

cause that light

that is You

lives on


even when you're gone

to infinity and beyond

stay strong

When the Universe collides

everything will be - Clear

be wise

stay strong


We all Be

Come to thee

the truth must go on

Everything Will Be -


Thank you visiting Lemon House and for reading this blog.

Love & Gratitude,

Lella Satie

Always in the HeART ♥️

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