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About Farmacist Desk Reference (F.D.R.) by Don Tolman

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

I am truly honoured and excited to be able to present to you my go-to book and guide to Healthy Self. To Heal Thyself I learn and practice the principles of health, healing and ancient wisdom found in the pages of this extraordinary and one of a kind Encyclopedia by the one and only Don Tolman, the Whole Food and Medicine Cowboy. Don Tolman is not only my mentor in self healing, he is a wonderful friend and a great teacher.

The Encyclopedia of Whole Food Medicine is Don's life's work. He shares wisdom and experience as practiced and recorded within the scrolls of Egypt to Native Tribal wisdom telling to his personal and intuitive discoveries. Don has scribed and transcribed true wisdom of healing, higher learning and true knowing.

The complete set of FDR is is my bible and holy grail. I reference the pages of these invaluable volumes of Farmacist Desk Reference for self healing, inspiration, personal transformation and helping those I care about to a quick path of self healing and empowerment. I cannot speak highly enough about the pages of these books. I know they will serve you well as they have served me and thousands of people. This is one of the biggest collections of great wisdom from sages passed down through the ages and now presented to us by our dear friend Don Tolman.

If you are open to empowering yourself in a truest way and lighting up yourself from within, this is a must have book. You will use it time and time again. There are lessons within for children and adults. The teachings are real and easily understood and applicable.

Farmacist Desk Reference Complete Set of the Encyclopedia contains more wisdom than you can imagine. For more information about the pages within, please follow the link to the e-book.

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