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Farmacist Desk Reference, Complete Set - Vol 1, 2 & 3 E-Books by Don Tolman

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Farmacist Desk Reference Vol 1, 2 & 3 is a complete set of FDR Encyclopedia of Whole Food Medicine and Reference Guide to self healing based on true health principles and ancient practices. This is an invaluable, must-have book set for anyone interested in Healthy Self - Heal Thyself. 


What you hold before you is a healer's life's work. Don Tolman, a renowned healer, teacher and Whole Foods Medicine Cowboy has compiled and created a body of knowledge for health and well being of body, mind and soul. This is a must have guide for every man, woman, child and family. 


Farmacist Desk Reference Volume 1: 

This first FDR book contains 627 pages of wisdom on whole foods, nutrition, understanding symptoms and disease, emotions, sacred meals, fasting, healing dreams and elevating the spiritual path, signs in nature, bretharianism, colon health, healthy lifestyle, fasting, brain power, sound therapy and a wealth of ancient wisdom and healing practices. 

To read an excerpt from Vol 1: read the Blog Article Air, Fire, Earth & Water


Farmacist Desk Reference Volume 2: 

The second book contains the A-Z list of Foods and Symptoms within 944 pages. Browse through the alphabet of foods to learn about their potent power to heal and strengthen the body. Discover how to ease the symptoms to help your body reverse the signs of discomfort that has manifested as a physical dis-ease. 

To see an excerpt from Vol. 2 read the Blog


Farmacist Desk Reference Volume 3: 

This book expands on the knowledge of body systems and how to recognize and understand signs from nature. (Part 1 & 2 in 220 pages)


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Farmacist Desk Reference, Complete Set - Vol 1, 2 & 3 E-Books by Don Tolman

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