Excerpt from F.D.R. Vol. 1: Air, Fire, Earth & Water

Updated: Jul 11

Excerpts from Farmacist Desk Reference (F.D.R.) - Encyclopedia of Whole Food Medicine

by Don Tolman

(1,700+ pages of Ancient Wisdom for all ages)


Spirit = Air = To Breathe

Every atom in existence is part of many ecosystems, kingdoms inside of kingdoms inside of kingdoms, worlds without ends.

The meaning of life is to be alive, to have life in abundance with a rich quality of life-force within. It is not defined, nor is it found in the future time. There is no joy, no sensation, and no thought outside of a physical body. Life is not the serious, heavy, lesson-burdened business you would believe, filled with punishments or rewards in the afterlife, a carrot held out for service rendered here and now, to be endowed in the hereafter as joy in varying degrees in between.

Face it and then rejoice in it. Feel the rain on your face, smell the ocean or scent of the forest. If you can do this, you are truly a pagan. Do not be shocked. A pagan was merely a country dweller. The country dwellers celebrated the flesh, the life, the seasons of all things. The pious and sanctimonious society-builders hated them and their earthly ways, yet secretly yearned to be like them in their unashamed freedom to live, to love, to touch. You must learn to play fully and joyfully experiment with the awesome and even amazing possibilities of yourself.