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Excerpts from Farmacist Desk Reference Vol. 2

Last week we shared an excerpt from Don Tolman's Encyclopedia Vol 1. This week's Blog Article is an excerpt from the Farmacist Desk Reference Vol. 2 which is an A-Z Reference of Foods and Symptoms and Don Tolman's experiences and tried recipes.

NERVOUS EXHAUSTION (Encyclopedia of Whole Food Medicine Volume 2 Pg. 627-628) Medi-Sign Target: Blueberries & Eat Salt Before Bed

Nervous exhaustion is a disorder that leaves you exhausted and unable to work.

Symptoms of Nervous Exhaustion • Anxiety • Chronic headaches • Chronic muscle aches • Fatigue • Inability to concentrate • Insomnia • Irritability and mood swings • Irregular bowel syndrome • Upset stomach

The Causes of Nervous Exhaustion Let’s put it in to two simple words – chronic stress. Stress makes your body produce adrenal hormones that excite your nervous system. It doesn’t matter if the stress comes from your gossiping sister-in-law or the tax increase notice you find in the mail, the result is the same. Your heart rate increases. You become short of breath and emotionally upset. This is your body’s mode of self-preservation, and on a short term basis it can be a good thing. Troubles begin when you are experiencing this type of stress on a daily basis. Your mind doesn’t distinguish the difference between an annoying relative and a new financial burden. Your body is in a state of a continual output of adrenal hormones. High blood pressure, irritability and headaches can all be effects of a long-term output of adrenal hormones. Eventually, the adrenal glands lose their “oomph” and you face the risk of developing severe exhaustion.

In a perfect world, our body would produce lots of adrenal hormones in the