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Food For Thought & What I Eat In A Day

Hello Beautiful,

Today’s article is a small chapter of what could be a series on food, health, body and happiness. All things for living life beautifully. If this is important to you: welcome and enjoy the read, this blog is for you.

I’ve shared in previous articles my experience of fasting, juicing and living twenty days on water. I think it’s time to share what I eat. My simple answer would be everything from plants. Food in its natural state, in moderation and variety. Some people refer to processed foods and packaged products as food. In my world food is what is real and has nutrition which body recognizes and uses as energy and sustenance.

Here are a few points on what I know as healthy and what is not and some of the most frequently asked questions of a vegan. For what I eat in a day, scroll to the bottom of the article.

  • Eating healthy can be a controversial topic. Depending on your belief system and whom you listen to - you might have a completely opposing view on what healthy eating is.

  • Food is a personal thing for many. Some will defend their relationship to food even if they don't look or feel healthy. People will guard their eating habits, find reasons and excuses for when they eat unhealthy. They will even find an "expert" who proves their point, because they can continue eating the "things" regardless of nutritional value of "stuff" consumed. You've witnessed in our present day history "experts" having opposing views on things related to health. Can you imagine the multi-billion-dollar industry of healthy eating and weight loss having as much controversy.

  • Many people don't consider the correlation between their eating habits and their health condition, much less do they eat as if their health depends on eating healthy.

  • Tastes change over time. Things that you disliked, you might learn to love if you try them multiple times. The cleaner your body is, the more flavours you will be able to enjoy and taste.

  • The most famous question to a vegan is about protein. Where do we get our protein from? - From the same source as a plant based animal: from plants! Wow, what a revelation. It's not the supplements and it's not the fortified packaged products sold as food. Plants have primary protein - you build your muscles from amino acids. Meats are secondary protein sources, first the body has to break it down and then use it to build the muscle. It takes more energy to digest meat and dairy than it does plants. Would you rather have your body spend energy on cell repair and new cell growth OR digestion and detoxification? If the former - stick to a plant based nutrition.

  • I'd argue that eating plant based food is the most interesting, delicious and nutritious way of eating. It's a misconception that eating plant based is "carrot sticks and lettuce, it's rabbit food and that you'll be hungry". These statements are furthest from the truth. I think that plant based food is so much more creative, healthy and delicious. When you cleanse your body, detox and begin eating real food - healthy food, you will notice nuances of flavour in a single piece of fruit or vegetable. If you think that a carrot tastes bland and a cucumber has no taste, I'd tell you that each fruit and vegetable when organically grown and especially if you eat it soon after its picking (think locally sourced food) is full of flavour. Each bite has its own nuance because the fruit/vegetable ripens at a slightly different rate on each side, depending on its Sun exposure. Supermarket food is picked green and then shipped, probably sprayed or treated with something to keep it from quick ripening.

  • Use your intuition. As with other important things in life, when you've done your research and put things into practice you can discern for yourself what works for you and what doesn't. Tune to your body and listen to the subtle hints of what you're craving. This is your message from the cells to eat a certain food to support the cells and the body.

What I eat in a day:

  • I like to start the day with a fresh juice. It's normally a green juice of few greens i.e. spinach, cucumber, celery with an apple to make it a bit more balanced and palatable. Sometimes I add lemon to the juice. If oranges are in season or my body feels it wants this combination of vitamin C boost I'd have an orange juice or a citrus mix: orange, lemon, grapefruit.

  • My breakfast is always lots of fruit - in season. In Summer and Spring it's more fresh fruit, in Fall and Winter it's more dry fruit and nuts with my oatmeal with few fresh fruits. Right now I'm eating figs and mangos for breakfast - lot's of it. Having a mono-meal when certain food is in season feels like a treat or a feast. Mono-meal is eating a single variety of food as a meal i.e. a plate of figs or just mangoes or whatever makes me happy.

  • Lunch is usually a raw or lightly cooked meal with organic vegetables in season. In Spring and Summer it's more raw in Fall and Winter it's more stewy and soupy dishes, beans and legumes. If a meal is lightly cooked I still have to have a side of fresh salad: either some greens or greens with other vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, peppers.

  • If my lunch is late I won't have dinner. I don't eat past the Sunset time. I might have a fresh salad or any dish that I can create from what is available: a mix of vegetables, seasoned with fresh herbs or dry ones as spices, sea salt,

  • If I snack or eat a dessert it's either fresh or dry fruit, nuts, seeds, or homemade (I made) desert which never has processed sugar - it's sweetened with fruits like banana or dates or raisins or rarely I'd use a bit of honey. To my tastebuds even cacao and cinnamon or dry coconut flakes have enough sweetness to call it a dessert.

I hope you enjoyed this food for thought expression. If you'd like a few recipes or have questions about my experiences please write your comments below.

I look forward to meeting the beautiful new healers at the next Pure Energy Healing Course with Live Sessions: Thursday-Sunday October 6-9, 2022. Sending you much love,

Lella Satie

Always in the HeART ♥️

Lella Satie Artist, PEH Academy Instructor, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Creator

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