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Water Fasting - 21 Day Experience - Video

Hello Beautiful Soul,

This week we bring you the new Vlog by Lella Satie about her multiple water fasting experiences. Watch as she explains her must-do's and her essential protocols for a healthier, more enjoyable, water fasting experience.

Essential Water Fasting Protocols & Their Benefits

These are some of the essential protocols that Lella does on each day of her water fasting days. During a 3-day-water-fast the second day is usually most challenging to people. The body is switching from using energy from foods and stored sugars to fat deposits. The process of switching to ketosis is complete by third day. Thereafter the experience is not as challenging, though energy levels and emotions might ebb and flow. Please note that if you are attempting to do an extended water fast, you do so with guidance and doctor's consultation.

This is Lella's personal experience and not our recommendation. We share her story for information and entertainment purposes.

These are some of Lella's protocols during a water fast: