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Free Your Self!

Good Day Beautiful Soul,

How are you? How are you, really? Are those feelings yours or are you carrying excess weight? Are you able to answer this introspective question by distinguishing what's yours and what is an outside energy influencing you. Your vibration is like you, more than the sum of your parts. Your feelings and your experience is what you reflect - and this is mindset. The heaviness becomes real (emotional, physical, mental) when the head is too heavy. Empty your mind of thoughts that don't feel good and you will experience a lighter feeling. Lose your mind and allow all of your other senses to guide you.

You cannot possibly know everything there is to know - so why rely on the computer and its system that YOU haven't programmed! Don't let the "little" brain run on auto pilot and take over your whole being. Your Inspiration, your Gut Feeling, your Intuition, your Imagination, your Inner Sights are calling your attention.

Listen to your soul, listen to your heart, listen to your higher self. Listen to the signs of spirit, watch Mother Nature and Father Sun. Listen to the gentle whispers of the wind, find treasures in the soil, let the clear waters wash away your pain, allow the mountain to reconnect you to your higher aspirations, let the fire heal your soul.

What doesn't feel good, let it go. What won't matter in ten years is not worth losing sleep over. What doesn't inspire you or elevate your feelings is not worth your time. What doesn't bring you joy is not worth your effort. If it doesn't honour your values it is not for you... You know the rest. Follow your heart and soul - they will lead you to your best self.

Free Yourself -

Lose your mind

Find your soul

Follow your heart

Listen to your (higher) Self

Heal your gut

Allow your intuition

Change the mindset

Burn the ego

Ask your essence

To guide you!

You know the truth.

See it

Feel it

Heart it

Search for it.


With imagination

Love with elation

Breathe with inspiration

Free Your Self

Let go

Here, you belong

Flow with the river of life

Love and laughter


Read below what you had to say:

Have a cheerful Weekend and be your best Self next week!

Much love, Lella

Always in the HeART ♥️

Lella Satie Artist, PEH Academy Instructor, LEMON HOUSE Founder, Creator

This week's recommendations, we suggest from my own experience:

To heal the body, mind & soul I use Sacred Oil - the best kept secret of many who know the power of true essence of the plant healers, crystals and prayers.

To cleanse my energy field/aura I use Sacred Mist - the blessed Sacred Waters from around the world.

To Inspire my work, keep my energy high in a specific vibe that I choose I use my Crystals.

To create a lovely, healing, soothing energy in my space I use Sacred Incense.

This is what you had to say. THANK YOU!


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