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It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It's a beautiful sunny day where I am - somewhere in the world - and I keep hearing the tune and words of this Christmas song. It's the most wonderful time of the year, and it is: it's Spring! #Nature is more beautiful than ever, the sky clearer with real clouds (no fake cloud-looking formations from chemtrails since the flights have stopped), and bird songs are louder than ever. It's as if nature is rejoicing in BEING NATURE, unaltered by our noise and other pollutants. Time to #heal, time to let go, time to release and realise what is important.

The fear is setting in for some people, yes the change is inevitable and the feeling that there is something really profound happening is palpable. The darkness is being exposed and the light is shining brighter even though it seems darker. Moment by moment, we have a choice: to feed the fear or to look for the #light, to keep moving in the direction of despair or hope and #love. During the hardest times of war, people chose to play the piano, sing a song and dance amidst the chaos around them or even feel the song of their soul and move to the beat of their heart.

I choose to focus on the #positive to keep my vibration high, my immune system strong and my view of things above what's being repeated on every portal. I choose to stay focused on my work and to continue creating and living life. I'm embodying the knowledge that I've accumulated over the years, and practicing all the teachings because there is no better time to put all the knowledge into practice than now. Knowing something does not make a difference unless and until you put it into action. Only then it becomes wisdom - and that's what makes all the difference.

Daily mindset check: stay positive, think of opportunities, keep creating. Heartset check: feel the love, practice gratitude, expand the vibration of manifesting. Health check: I'm practicing the Seven Principles of Health as taught by #DonTolman (Fresh Air, Clean Water, Sunshine, Walking/Exercise, Real Food, Healthy Loving Relationships, Working on My Passions). You might disagree with me here and start a laundry list of why someone cannot practice all of the above to stay healthy, to stay alive, to stay positive. You and everyone else have a choice to make the best out of any situation and to do as much as you possibly can to make a difference for yourself and for others. Perhaps if you focus on helping another (human) being at this time you won't have much time to worry and fear about yourself, you become the warrior for someone else, the protector of another being(s) and this will be your saving grace.

I understand there are a lot of people feeling the real struggle and those who will feel the impact in the time ahead. Yet we have a choice. You can look at the world and the situation we are all in and think this is the worst thing that has ever happened to humanity - and perhaps it is, yet the question is: what will you do about it? Will you take everything you know and make the best of it or will you fold with fear and mass hysteria.

Think about it. If someone took everything away from you at this moment, as it happens to many people even in our time (there are natural disasters and wars still going on around the world), you would be ok! You have #LIFE, your belief system, your beautiful self and you are here for a reason. If you believe in something greater than the mind can conceive then perhaps you can start believing that you make a difference just by being you. Perhaps now is a perfect time to understand that no one matters more because of what they have (more of) (whatever your measure of success and value is: money, likes, followers, bitcoins etc.).

Now is the time to embrace your values, your humanity, your gifts and life itself. As long as you have your BREATH you are going to be ok.

What can you do?

  • Reach out to someone either for help or to offer help.

  • Breath, relax, meditate, tune inward to see clearer.

  • Cut out distractions and all sources of fear: social media, news portals and everything else "feeding the beast".

  • Instead of filling yourself with cheap entertainment and mindless readings - learn something new, find a new mentor, expand yourself, transform your inner self so that your outer self starts to look like your best version of self.

  • Stay above it all, look for the bright side and perhaps now is the best time to start that project you've been holding off, because - what else you've got to do. And the world needs your special gift now more than ever.

  • Instead of fear and worry - Let Go and Let God (Let GOOD) flow in.

Always in the HeART!

With Love & Gratitude,

Lella Satie

Artist, Healer, Entrepreneur, Teacher At The Pure Energy Healing Academy

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