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It's Time for Love

Hello Wonderful Beings,

I trust that you are navigating the world's currents well and living your life courageously. Did you know that the word courage comes from the Latin word cor - meaning heart. Stay in your heart and you will always be grounded in possibility. What is possibility but a ray of hope and a vision for the future. If you focus on the energy of your heart expanding and radiating love - you will be a powerful magnet for miracles.

Today is Valentine's day and many of you are celebrating love with your significant others. Whether or not you are in a relationship, may you feel love in your heart for your beautiful self, the beautiful soul that chose to visit this planet in your vessel (body).

Love thy neighbour as thyself. This ancient biblical quote is meaningful - it implies that you love thyself. Those who don't know how to love or give love to self - how can they expect to feel love, true love. It's time for hugs, kisses, love, kindness and awakening. Love will bring peace and liberty to all. Awaken to the power of love.

The global consciousness is going through tremendous change. No matter on which side of the beliefs you are - let love rule! More than ever, now is time for Love. Don't let the sacred cows and reactions of those with opposing views take away your grace, empathy and LOVE.

Time for Love

Be my Valentine

Let love in

Open your cor

and feel my love to the core.

Love is my Art

take it in

allow Love to win

trust the law of the HeArt.

It's time for amor

Let love in

heart will show you

how much I adore you.

It's Time for Love

Let love in

feel the flow

of divine energy grow.


This week we are excited to launch our new incense: Divine Incense. We've been waiting for these magical sticks for over six months. As you may already know, our products are made with love and hand made. This requires patience and time. Divine Incense Sticks have finally arrived and they are our contribution to the world to bring the magic of miracles and blessings for the soul. This glorious incense is a perfect blend to inspire the thought of creation; elevate the feelings to joy and awaken one's own inner gifts. Divine Incense is also available in two gorgeous Giftsets: Magical Incense Giftset & Miracle Giftset: a set of our 5 miracle products: Sacred Oil, Sacred Mist, Sacred Incense, Blessed Incense and Divine Incense. In our link: Testimonials you can read about the wonderful feedback we got from our clients about each one of those beautiful products.

Blessings, Love & Gratitude,

Always in the HeART ♥️

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This week's recommendations:

DIVINE INCENSE perfect blend to inspire creation; elevate the feelings & awaken one's own inner gifts.

MAGICAL INCENSE GIFTSET Collection of three most amazing natural, healing incense.

MIRACLE GIFTSET The must have set of five most powerful, natural healing tools. These divine gifts are our go to products in our healing cabinets.

We love to hear your Lemon House experience.

Share your comments & tag us FB/IG @lemonhouseglobal or add your review on our Testimonials Page. Every month we choose someone at random & send a little surprise to say thanks for sharing Lemon House Love. 💜

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