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Living in the Past Vs. Creating the Future

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

There are endless studies and programs to help you retrain your mind, to overcome the self imposed beliefs to help you create the future that you want. Why does your today look like yesterday and why will your tomorrow look like today?

Your present will look like your past if you keep recreating it.

How do you recreate your past?

Every time you are in a reaction, every time you look at a conflict with the same feelings and thoughts that got you there, you are running in a action-reaction wheel like a hamster. When you react to your life situation or to someone in your life - you are recording a memory of images AND feelings and storing them in your brain. Every following time when you are in that environment or in front of the same person, your mind will automatically trigger. The thinking brain will recognize the situation and eject the familiar thoughts that will follow with the corresponding feelings. The cycle will keep on going in perpetuity - reinforcing that brain pattern chained to the familiar feelings.

How to stop the endless cycle of thought memory from triggering & recreating the feelings?

Meditation is one of the best healing techniques and teachers. It helps you balance your thoughts and feelings; it helps you regulate your heart rate and stimulate the happy feeling chemistry. When you practice meditation, you will come to the other side of your mind - where your thoughts are clear and coherent. Here you will have power over your mind and not have your mind rule your body (chemistry).

Simple Meditation Technique:

  • Sit in a comfortable position. If sitting is uncomfortable, lie down. Close your eyes to pause the stimuli from the outer world.

  • Begin with breath. Breathe in and out for seven cycles. Exhale deeply and inhale counting to seven. Pause for seven counts; exhale for seven; pause for seven; inhale for seven. (You may extend your breathing with various other techniques.)

  • Step into the meditation. This is the space of calm, balance and connection to higher self - to all there is. This might seem complex or complicated to a novice meditator. All you ought to do is: clear the mind as soon as the thought appears.

Tips on Clearing Your Thoughts:

  • Tell the mind "Thank you for sharing" and stop engaging in the thinking process of that though;

  • Visualize erasing the words as they come i

  • See your hand drawing an X over the words and say to yourself "Cancel, clear, delete" (This is an ancient technique - you might recognize it's re-use in modern technology aka computers.);

  • If the thoughts are overwhelming keep breathing by exhaling and inhaling deeply and fully;

  • Engage in a physical exercise to clear the mind.

Creating the Future

The best way to create your future is from the moment of joy and high vibration. Do not waste your time visualizing your future and doing affirmations, or any other creation technique from a low vibration. Distinguish between your attachment to an outcome vs. feeling whole and complete no matter what. If you create from a space of lack - you will attract more of it. Be and feel whole and complete - that's who you truly are. As you raise your vibration in a meditation begin your visualization. See yourself as the future you and with that powerful energy and beauty from within start creating your life in the present.

This Present is For You

Live in the Present, It is your Gift

the Past is but a Memory

and Future a promise.

Live in the Now give yourself a lift

of energy, emotion, feeling and of spirit.

See, feel, taste, touch, smell

sense and intuit.

You are here for a reason

remember and become.

Once upon a time you knew it all.

Before you got here, you made a vow.

Time to heal, wake up, be brave and act.

Release the chains, break through fears,

they are illusions to keep your confusions.

Set yourself free of imposed thoughts,

shackles of heavy feelings 'n knots.

Let go of what if's and why not's

you have a Gift and we want to receive it,

you are the Gift and we want more

of you, the higher self, the true you,

you the creator, you the soul, the love,

you the One, of One and from One.

Source and sorcerer, you.

Create now, step into your

Present and use your Gift!

Always in the HeART ♥️

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