Navigating Current Times & Tides

How to navigate through current times? These blogs keep writing themselves. I am a typewriter of the flow of words that pass through, as I prepare the blog for you. I was just present to this as the opening line wrote itself, which could have been the title as well. Look at the choice of words current (running, flowing) and time (limited space of time). That is all I wanted to make you present to. However, let's see the expanded version of this picture in the following few paragraphs as you join me in a brief time-space continuum.

We have been raised with rules and conditions to follow in order to fit in and to be accepted. There are exceptions ofcourse, usually with "rebel" souls, the artists and entrepreneurs. Those who dare to step outside of the norm have taken the liberty of self expression, doing what they want and how they want it. You might be one of those who think that we need the rules to avoid chaos and that we need order cause the world would be unruly. The reality is the opposite. Those who have taken their life into their own hands are more compassionate, understanding and accepting of others. They understand what it takes to be different. They have exposed themselves to alternative thinking and a different path than the mainstream society.

One of the challenges the mass population has to deal with is that they have been conditioned that alternative and different is bad and wrong. Think about the last time someone (it might have been you at some point) used the words "conspiracy theory". It's a tool to slander and discredit anything that is different from what the mass population is made to believe. If everyone thought the same we wouldn't have had Nikola Tesla's, Beethoven's, Van Gogh's or Djokovic's of this world. They were either ridiculed or rejected at some point or even had their work stolen. However, the merit of their work will be known in history.

Another challenge for people is that they are creatures of habit. We like to go to places we know, we like to do the same things, eat the same foods etc. Familiarity provides a sense of safety. If you want things to be different you have to do different things. Recently I have been asked by clients and friends What do we do? "How do we move forward? When will we live "normally" again?" As my sense, understanding and intuition expands; and as I put together the pieces of a puzzle from all of my mentors, research and experience this is what I see:

We navigate forward in 2021 and beyond by doing those things that we know deep down in our heart and soul as true. We do those things that we have been neglecting or rejecting for a long time (or forever). Turn inwards for answers, check in with your gut, heart and soul. Do not do things for short term gains as they might be detrimental in the long term. Don't do what most people do - they might be wrong. If you've admired Joe and Jill, if they have been your inspiration, if they have the lifestyle that you want - it does not mean that what they do is right for you. It is time to be You - authentically and unapologetically. Do you know how to be you? Do you know who you are and what you stand for?

Move forward by taking one step at a time. Thinking about all the possibilit