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Path Of Transformation Through The Art of Pure Energy Healing

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Vedic texts talk about the experience of ascension of human spirit and the expression of self through many art forms and practices not only yoga and meditation but dance, singing, visual arts, healing, botany, mathematics, etc. Ancient Egyptian schools were forums where students were exposed to sciences and arts; to draw conclusions about cosmic mysteries where they had an open discourse; sharing wisdom and experience. The most important aspects of these mystery schools were self healing.

Here we are in 2020 where some of us are awakening to the inner-eye vision of 20-20; while our society, the system and education are compartmentalized, obsolete and most don't see further than the AI in their hand. The light warriors, truth seekers and woke leaders discussing anything outside the accepted spells of the mass indoctrination channels are labeled as conspiracy theorists or idiots. I won't waste your time or my energy making a point of what I believe in, what I stand for, my truth, values, integrity. I let my actions speak. We all have our place here on this planet and different life journey to discover why we are here and what is our contribution to the greater One. When we aren't honouring our individual path and truth, we cannot honour the experience of another - and this is the basis of most conflicts.

There are more fights than one could keep up with yet only one war - between darkness and light. If you are petitioning to stop the 5 G rollout, or sharing research against vaccines or speaking against wearing masks, being an activist against human trafficking or pick a topic from an array of global issues - don't get righteous that one issue or your answer is more important and valid then the next. If you are a light-warrior do not undermine the work of others or ask them why they aren't participating in your cause. We all have our unique expressions of the truth we stand for. The greater picture is we are all shining a light in this dark cloud of seemingly unrelated events. More then ever we are hurting as species and as a planet and in order to transform - we need to Heal.

Most have forgotten the innate healing of our ancestors. People want convenience and a quick fix so they check into a clinic where they patiently wait on someone else to practice on their bodies. If people were more in touch with their body, heart and soul they would have more wisdom to heal from within. Natural healers believe that illness starts with a dis-comfort and imbalance of the emotional and spiritual body. This energy manifests into a physical form of a dis-ease. How one moves and nourishes the body; what environmental elements act onto the body; of-course also make an impact. To heal thyself and ascend spiritually, emotionally and elevate consciously one should tend to the body-temple as a whole. Knowledge does not make a difference, only practice does. When you take the knowledge into action it becomes wisdom. Then you are on a path of transformation.

The Art Of Pure Energy Healing is a healing modality as simple as breathing and as intuitive as listening to one's inner voice. Pure Energy Healing Courses awaken this inner wisdom where you discover your own essence and a healing practice, through your awareness of higher self and connection to your spirit-self, your soul. I have taught the Pure Energy Healing to adults and children and it's one of those things that children learn quicker. They are natural healers and they are more in touch with their essence then adults. After years of conditioning with rules and self imposed and socially acceptable norms we become programmed and removed from our natural self expression. Pure Energy Healing helps you rediscover your inner child and your innate wisdom. All that you need lies inside your heart.

Some of the Pure Energy Healing tools are healing crystals; organic incense and organic essential oils. These nature made gifts are wonderful healers, and how you use them you discover as you re-awaken your inner gift of healing. Our SACRED Healing Oil is one of our favourite oils and tools at the Pure Energy Healing Academy. To read full description and recommended use, view the LINK.

I look forward to the next Pure Energy Healing Course in Slovenia this September 24-27, 2020. This is a practical and experiential certificate course. To experience a Pure Energy Healing session you can go to Pure Energy Healing Academy Link Find A Practitioner to locate a healer in your part of the world. Most healers also do distant-healing via Video call.

Heal Thyself - feel your Essence and Discover the Healer Within.

Always in the HeART ♥️

Lella Satie

Artist, PEH Academy Instructor, LEMON HOUSE Founder

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