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30 Days Fast Track To Happiness — A Love Recipe

Updated: May 23, 2020

Most people think that having certain things in life either material or status will bring them more happiness. Let's not argue with this or make a philosophical statement —there have been enough studies done to find there is no correlation between “things” and happiness. Here are simple ideas for you to create and experience happiness by loving yourself more. #Create: from Latin creare (produce) to bring into existence as a result of one’s actions

What’s #Love Got To Do With It?

When we are younger we are more self centred and “it’s all about me”. We might be in a relationship purely for love and passion, yet we might exit a relationship when we don’t feel the love even though it’s given in abundance. If we don’t love ourselves enough we can’t accept love nor recognize it. No amount of love feels enough until we love ourselves completely and accept ourselves fully. When you learn to love yourself inside-out only then you realize that you don’t need others’ love to be happy, to feel fulfilled. Until our self love is overflowing we will be needy for love from the outside of us; once we love ourselves completely we can share more love with others and see and feel love in every gesture and in every being. Love is the greatest investment. The more you love the more love you receive.

What (Self) Love Is And What It Isn’t?

If you think loving self is being selfish —then you don’t know true love. Loving self is doing things with self respect, in harmony with your innate being, with your higher self. You can never love too much and you can continue to discover new ways of love. Love is not growing your ego and thinking it’s self love. Loving self isn’t doing things that could cause you regret. Loving self isn’t harming someone so that you can win. Love is aligned with your values. Love is abundant, love is kind.

How To Love Thyself?

The one word answer is: love (verb). The longer answer is a love recipe —and there are many.

Self Check

Do you give yourself nourishing foods or you just eat whatever -even if it’s not healthy for you? Do you think thoughts that empower you, or you look at the world and your life with pessimism and blame? Do you always have an excuse or you get your inner strength to turn things around? Do you always look for the gold even in the most trying experiences? Are either forcing a relationship or suffering in one where there is abuse and no respect? Do you surround yourself with positive and loving people? Do you choose to do work that inspires you, or you do things even when they don’t align with your principals?

A Love Recipe

There are many ways to love yourself, and many opportunities throughout the day for you to practice loving yourself. Here are seven ingredients to your 30 day fast track to happiness by adding more love to your life instantly.

1. #Affirmation a day. Start the day with an affirmation and keep it as a note to look at throughout the day, especially if things don't go the way you’d like them to or when you start hearing the negative thought patterns in your head. Take a deep breath and exhale completely; do this three times. When you notice a negative thought cancel it and affirm your new beliefs by saying your affirmation out-loud.

As an affirmation you could either use positively charged statements about yourself or the things you are working on in your life. As you awake and before getting out of the bed say your affirmation —either think of it the night before or create one newly in the moment.


  • Today is a wonderful day

  • Today I am being the best version of myself!

  • I create magic!

  • I accept myself!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Find three things to be grateful for)

  • Today is my day!

  • I am the King/Queen of my world!

  • Today I create my dreams (take 30min in the day to work on your dream project)

2. Mirror work. Every morning go to the mirror, look into your eyes and say “I am beautiful! I love myself!” at least three times out-loud. Bonus: keep repeating until you begin to believe it. This exercise might be challenging for some and that’s an indication that you should commit to it.

3. Nourishment. Choose the food that nourishes the body —the key word being “food”. Do not eat packaged products that are sold as food, the non-food items not containing a single food source as an ingredient. The only food is found in Mother Nature —everything else is man made/lab created product. Treat your body with respect and eat consciously, not emotionally. Eat more fruits and vegetables and hydrate yourself with enough water. I will always recommend a vegan diet; yet I am not vegan police nor medical professional so you should do your own research on what is healthy and nourishing and what is real food.

Suggested resource:

4. Walk. Loving self is loving your body and movement is essential for health and well being. Walk at least 20minutes every day. If you haven’t done any exercise in a long time, start moving by walking. Keep adding 10 minutes to your routine until you reach an optimal time for your body. Start walking as an exercise and when your body is ready and you have more strength move to more vigorous exercise -gradually adding more challenging workouts.

5. Pamper yourself. Take extra special care of yourself at least every other week. Bonus: do this every week. There are many ways to either pay for services that will pamper you or you can give them to yourself freely. You are the King or Queen of your life and you should treat yourself as such with simple pleasures.


  • Go for a massage

  • Create a spa bath at home: add salts, natural essential oils, flowers or tea leaves to your bath; light candles and put on some relaxing music

  • Trade your service with someone

6. Outside in. Look after yourself in the way you treat your outwardly appearance. Do you walk out of the house looking like you just rolled out of bed or you care to groom yourself and take care of your personal hygiene. Do you wear outfits and colours that make you feel good, that make you feel like yourself or do they merely cover your body? You don’t have to wear the latest trends and highest brands; you can be creative with how you wear your clothes. It’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it. There are many style tutorials on how to add a little sass to your wardrobe; just add a little pin here or a belt there and you’ve changed the look to feel more self expressed —more in touch with yourself.

7. Go on a date. Take yourself on a date at least once a week. Take an hour or more of “me time” to do something that brings inspiration or makes you feel good: go to an art gallery; watch a theatre play; go for a walk in the nature; paint; take a cooking class; dance… When you enjoy spending time with yourself, you won’t feel lonely, you won’t feel needy, and that’s attractive.

8. Bonus: Do something kind for someone else. One of the Universal Laws is the attraction of that which you have in abundance. If you give from a place of love and kindness without expecting anything in return you are telling the Cosmos that you are open to receiving. Happiness can be felt in a simple gesture of kindness that we do for another human being. Your smile, your action, your simple gift i.e. a handmade card with words of love can make someone's day.

Learn to love yourself in more ways every day. A Love Recipe is a recipe to Live! It will help you rediscover yourself, your inner child and your strengths. You will reconnect to your courage and your truth. The more you love yourself, the more you take care of yourself; and the more consciously you create ways of being to align with your higher self —the more fulfilment and content you will experience and the happier you will feel, with self and life.

When you love and when you are happy you will find new ways of dealing with life’s tests. Things will seem a little less significant. You will experience more ease as you Live your life and find your own happiness.

Life is to be lived. Love yourself and life will love you in return. Love yourself with all the ways you treat yourself and with all of your being! You will discover happiness lies within your heart full of love.

Always in the HeART,

Lella Satie, Artist, Entrepreneur, Pure Energy Healing Academy Instructor

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