8 Benefits of Completing the Pure Energy Healing Course

If you want your life to change you have to change. Over the years I worked on my personal development like a professional athlete. Today I am honoured to share my experience about a course that made a huge difference in my life.

When I participated in my first Pure Energy Healing Course I couldn't have imagined that I would be part of its development and online creation. My words to the founder of Pure Energy Healing Academy Mark Bajerski were "This was the most amazing course I've taken, I got what I wanted and more; AND I'm not going to be a healer." Since that statement, I've taken all the courses offered at the Academy, multiple times, as I became a Healer and instructor of Pure Energy Healing.

I am grateful that I've allowed myself to go with my intuition and flow with things that felt right, resonated with my heart and had integrity. What I got from the Pure Energy Healing Course is more than could be described in words as the course is experiential. One of our students said it best: "This course was transformative in many ways. I believe that each person that completes this course will find exactly what they need individually at that time." - Heather P.

Here are 8 benefits of completing the Pure Energy Healing Course:

  • You will gain a new perspective in life

  • You will heal your emotional wounds and traumas

  • You will feel the love expand in your heart as you become the source of love

  • Your healing gifts will grow as you help yourself and others in time of need

  • Your intuition will be your compass and your heart - your guide

  • You will create magic wherever you go, by listening to your higher self

  • You will shine your own light and be ready to take on whatever happens

  • You will have a choice to pursue a new career either full time or part time

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