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Arts For The Soul

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Storytelling has brought communities together into forums to exchange wisdom and knowledge, to question and inquire, and it has also been a form of relief and entertainment. We go to the movies to see someone go through a similar human experience as us, so that we can feel understood. When someone gets what we go through it brings a sense of healing.

Today more then ever we feel we can understand each other's struggle as we all go through the same global situation. Remember that today like any other day you can share your feelings, thoughts and ideas with a pen and paper, with a canvas and lift them into art.

Remember you are part of a community. Either join one online or start one newly. It is a perfect time to be creative and employ your ingenuity. When life gets different, you got to do things differently. Look for solutions instead of being frozen, create a mastermind, partner with someone to brainstorm.

I am connecting with my acting community and I feel the passion of arts flowing through my veins. Yesterday I was touched by a horrific video, captured by someone's cellphone and this poem came to life. Whatever your views are on what is going on in the world and with the world; and whether you believe the things you are being served in sound bites and video imagery; and even if you won't question a single thing: I hope you will at least take a deep breath and go within - and ask your soul/spirit/heart/guide/God or gut: what is really going on, what will I do about it, and what is my truth and write your mystery (my story) instead of believing history (his story).

Killing Them Softly


Thy Kingdom come,

thy will be done,

on Earth

as it is on Net.

While you watch the flix

Bunker Games.

This is not a movie

this is the New World,

as you wait on your next Babylon Order

in the New Age

the Golden Age -

oh wait,

is it still the Dark Age?

This is World!

Today’s News - as usual

Bad views - on…

WAR 3.

Are you awake yet?

Ready or not, here they come

you can’t hide,

gonna spy on you

through all your technology.

This is War Game!

It’s a new game where you play deaf and blind

with both eyes to see and ears to hear,

because they haven’t taken away from

you all that is dear.

No fight,

because the weapons are silent.

No flight,

because you stay home, compliant.

And you don’t hear others scream,

because you are

still in your dream,

while the invisible weapon

is killing you softly,

killing them slowly.

Shhhh, don’t yell

or they’ll send you to hell

for disturbing the peace

while they trust the police

to be their saving grace

as the gangsters laugh in your face.

Face time - hello!?

did you see that thing on EyeG TV

Oh yeah, it’s so rad

I really want it so bad…

blah blah blah

Baa baa baa!

Shhhh - let them sleep

or they will bite the hand

that’s trying to call wake-up,

they’d rather put on their makeup

and still believe that the virus is the culprit,

because they’d rather take the high 5

than read the fine print

or look up to see G, string and the hand of the puppetmaster.

Don’t look up!

you might be frightened to see

that the sky is ever so blue

with no chemtrails in sight.

Oh wait - they don’t exist,

they are just contrails.

Look down,

don’t look up.

Shut up,

don’t frown,

or they will call you a clown.

Shut up,

Look down

it is lock down.

Shut up,

don’t get out

into the sunshine

because vitamin D is available

to you in a magic pill when you get ill.

Here take it,


and follow.

It’s for everyone’s good,

put on your nuzzle,

cover with plastic,


buy it again,

until you drain,

your last penny.

Only then, will you realize

that you should not idealize

anyone or anything as your Master.

Oh human race…

Wake up!

Don’t be a disgrace

of this planet and all there is - infinite.

Wake up!

or you’ll be penalized

for not being legalized

to live, breathe and eat.

Wake up!

don’t wait for shit

to happen

don’t blacken

your soul some more.

Wake up,

and listen for the final call.

That Italian lady’s cry

who You saw on the Tube

yelled at the officer in front of a bank

not because she’s a robber or a beggar,

she begged for her hard earned currency

for her family’s emergency,

for a pound of flour,

cause their stomachs are sore and sour.

She didn’t dream

that like her ancestors,

she’ll have to scream,

for human decency…

Wake up!

Don’t let This Frequency

strip you of your last freedoms

in this New Age of decretums -

still reigned by kingdoms.

Why do you think you need

to be told what to do?

Stop and think for a while!

Wake up,

while the greed

of those with the creed

keep your Net speed

higher because you didn’t heed.

Are you awake yet?

Or you’d rather sleep -

follow the gram,

bow to the steeple,

and continue to be a sheeple.

Wake up or sleep?

They’re killing you softly.


Always in the HeART ♥️

Lella Satie

Artist, Mentor, PEH Academy Instructor, Entrepreneur

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