Arts For The Soul

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Storytelling has brought communities together into forums to exchange wisdom and knowledge, to question and inquire, and it has also been a form of relief and entertainment. We go to the movies to see someone go through a similar human experience as us, so that we can feel understood. When someone gets what we go through it brings a sense of healing.

Today more then ever we feel we can understand each other's struggle as we all go through the same global situation. Remember that today like any other day you can share your feelings, thoughts and ideas with a pen and paper, with a canvas and lift them into art.

Remember you are part of a community. Either join one online or start one newly. It is a perfect time to be creative and employ your ingenuity. When life gets different, you got to do things differently. Look for solutions instead of being frozen, create a mastermind, partner with someone to brainstorm.

I am connecting with my acting community and I feel the passion of arts flowing through my veins. Yesterday I was touched by a horrific video, captured by someone's cellphone and this poem came to life. Whatever your views are on what is going on in the world and with the world; and whether you believe the things you are being served in sound bites and video imagery; and even if you won't question a single thing: I hope you will at least take a deep breath and go within - and ask your soul/spirit/heart/guide/God or gut: what is really going on, what will I do about it, and what is my truth and write your mystery (my story) instead of believing history (his story).

Killing Them Softly


Thy Kingdom come,

thy will be done,

on Earth

as it is on Net.

While you watch the flix

Bunker Games.

This is not a movie

this is the New World,

as you wait on your next Babylon Order

in the New Age

the Golden Age -

oh wait,

is it still the Dark Age?

This is World!

Today’s News - as usual

Bad views - on…