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If You're Waiting for a Sign - This is It!

Hello Beautiful Soul,

I hope that your week has started with a positive spark of colourful October and that you'll continue building your dreams with a newfound zest for life. Whenever I get overwhelmed by to-do's I get present to my soul and heart and I do something to inspire and lighten up. I know you are the woke/conscious/sensitive kind and you might wonder if there's anything to be excited about, within and outside the Matrix. Let me remind you (as I remind myself) that we are here and now for a reason. We chose this life and we chose this time. We are meant to be entering a Golden Era. What part will you play in it?

There is still plenty to be grateful for - if not for Mother Earth, Sister Wind and Father Sun that always make life worth living.

This is what's happening across the world. People are walking away from jobs and starting new careers, new projects, moving countries and are embracing a new way of life - aligned with their soul. If you've been waiting for a sign to do something about your life, your calling or your soul's whisper - let it be!

Don't delay - start now. Don't seek perfection - done is better than perfect! Look for solutions. Find a way. Even during this "interesting" game we're all playing - there are "rules" and then there are ways things can be done differently. These are but a few recent examples I'm seeing across the world, and they might serve as ideas:

  • couples, families and single people have either acquired agricultural land or joined others on their big properties to be part of self sustainable communities

  • many have walked away from their jobs and have begun new projects or took on tasks with friends' or family business

  • there are many new small businesses opening to serve and be the solution in this ever changing world

  • a simple idea from a couple who started baking organic bread from home last December and have expanded their production twice already

  • a young man studying natural healing ways has started creating his own health products a few months ago and is excited about the growth of his business

As long as you keep creating you will find your way. I'm taking my own advice and not waiting for a sign or a perfect time to create my next masterpiece. As an artist who works in the collaborative arts - we experience waiting for the next project or starting ones that never get complete, or not sharing the ones that were made in a spur of the moment because they aren't "the masterpiece". I say: do now with what you got and share. In light of honouring my heart, soul and art I've created a video for you on my YouTube channel. Take five minutes to get inspired.

This is your sign - go out and do that which you've been holding off until perfect time, the right place, a great team. You are It - the time is Now!

Love & Gratitude,

Lella Satie

Always in the HeART ♥️

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