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Thank You for Gifting to a Primary School With Us

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

If you've ever made a purchase on Lemon House Shop, know that you've just made a handful of children extremely grateful! A portion of all proceeds from Lemon House purchases goes towards Lemon House Gift It Forward Initiatives. This week you've helped put smiles on beautiful faces of children in a rural school. This beautiful soulful school is keeping the old traditions alive. The teacher who is also a mother figure to some of the children living without one or both parents wakes up at 5AM each day to make her way to the village school. She lights the fire in a fire place to make the school warm before her students arrive at 7:30AM. She teaches grades 1 through 4 in the same beautiful room, filled with love, hopes and dreams.

Whatever the children have they share. Through Lemon House Gift It Forward Initiative they received gifts for their school; school supplies, toys, crystals for each student; and gifts for their teacher. These beautiful angels were very grateful that we've paid them a visit and spent some time with them. Their precious smiles light our hearts and blessed us with their beautiful smiles. Together with their wonderful teacher the beautiful children want to thank everyone who has made their gifts possible. They send their love and gratitude! They even gave us gifts of books singed by the children and their teacher. I couldn't hold back my tears and as I write this, I can barely see the letters on my screen...