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How to change the programming of your mind?

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Since millennia we have been designed to seek survival and comfort. Most of us would prefer to be comfy and cozy, yet that's no place for growth and development. Just like the tearing of a muscle tissue during a vigorous exercise makes the muscle stronger, our growing pains and discomforts make us stronger.

Whatever we are dealing with in life we can see either through the eyes of a victim by being at the effect of a situation or we can see through the eyes of a #conscious creator who chooses to be at the source of their life and in action to make a change. Which path you choose is determined by your mindset.

To strengthen your #mind, you have to practice disrupting the patterns that no longer serve you. Whether you want to loose weight, stop reacting to your loved one, not be affected by a situation -it takes a strong desire and conscious effort. Once you notice your disruptive patterns and change your behaviour immediately or as soon as you recognize the reaction, keep doing so, and your reactions will become quicker as your mind gets stronger.

The brain's phenomenon of neuroplasticity is what makes it possible for us to achieve the "impossible". Even the word spells "I'm Possible". "Neurons that fire together wire together" is a term coined by the neuropsychologist Donald Hebb who pointed to the brain's ability to adapt through patterns of repetition. Once the neural pathways have been created you have automatic responses to similar circumstances. This is great news for those determined to create a new pathway, as the neuroplasticity of the brain allow us to change those patterns, and not so great news for those stuck in a negative thought pattern as the negative and traumatic thoughts tend to loop.

Repetition is key. If you want to create a new habit whether of a positive thought pattern or any other actionable habit you have to be diligent and regularly do that which you desire to reflect in your behaviour.

To have a strong mind and build a strong #mindset -strengthen your brain with memory exercises, repetition, gratitude journals, positive affirmations, foods for brain: walnuts and other nuts, seeds, broccoli, avocado, dark chocolate, blueberries.

How have you changed your old programming? Please share in the comments.

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