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Immuni-Tea Potion & Crystal Shields

Lella wearing Lemon House Crystals: Moon Stone Ring, Labradorite Ring, Moldavite/Herkimer Diamond/Tektite Pendant

Hello Beautiful Souls! It's been a couple of weeks since our last connection via this beautiful community page. I feel like these articles are yours. They keep writing themselves and it always amazes me to see what the topic of the day will be, as I don't know what I will write until I sit down and create the blog. I ask my muse for inspiration, intuitive clarity and spiritual guidance to help me put the right words together to make a difference - to inspire, to elevate and educate. I see myself as an artist of life, always learning, researching and applying those things that resonate deep with my soul as truth aligned with the higher self and with my core values:

  • Integrity of Self, expressed as well-being of body, mind, heart & soul

  • care for the planet and all her sentient beings

  • being an instrument to serve others.

The Pure Energy Crystal Healing Course

Last weekend I've been co-creating what will soon become an Online Pure Energy Crystal Healing Course. This will be the second online course for the Pure Energy Healing Academy, and an expansion of our flagship program The Pure Energy Healing Course. Join the upcoming Pure Energy Healing Course on August 5-8, 2021. This is a 4 Day Intensive Online Certificate program and core teaching at the Pure Energy Healing Academy. It runs the same as our Live Course in addition with the Live Sessions with the Academy Founder, Mark Bajerski and myself. (You will have 2 weeks access to the course if you need extra time to complete it). Read some of the transformational Testimonials to see what our past students have said about their experience. In my own words and experience: I've participated in dozens of transformational, self healing and personal, development programs. This is the most potent course that elevates the soul, heals the heart and inspires you to be the best version of yourself to courageously and powerfully take on all areas of your life.

This week I bring you a healing recipe for the current "things in the air". I'm not going to have you guess hard, yet I choose not to name things the way they are referred to in mainstream.

Here is one of the healing protocols that I'm implementing this Spring/Summer. I feel it will become part of my ongoing self care and immune system boosting practice.


This simple syrup has been recommended to me as a natural home-made, quine ingredient. I washed 4 lemons and 3 grapefruits. (Preferably Organic. If they are not organic I soak them in ACV (apple cider vinegar) for at least 20min. If they are not fully immersed, soak on one side then gently rotate and sink the other side while keeping them in place with a weight of a plate on top, assuring the whole fruit is washed from pesticides and other toxins.

I peel the citrus fruits; cut the peel and place in a pot with water: about 8-10 cups. I bring the water to boil then reduce heat and simmer on low temperature for 3 hrs. Let cool for 2 hrs. Strain in a glass jar and place in the fridge. I take 2 table spoons, twice a day.

These are additional nutritional and natural ingredients that I'm taking to cleanse and detox from environment and human carriers of chemical and biological toxins. They complement the Immuni-Tea ingredients and work well together to build my immune system. Zinc, VitD3, Iodine, Activated Charcoal (widely used detoxifier), Star Anise and Fennel tea.

My daily practice includes Mindfulness, consciously choosing my thoughts, clearing away any negative thoughts of my own or others' This is one of the most important practices you can do for yourself to strengthen your will from within. I meditate daily. There are many different techniques, find the one that works for you and be consistent. And last but not least, my daily protection and high energy and vibration ritual is wearing a beautiful crystal that is perfect for that day. Just like choosing my clothes and the colours that I wear to bring me more peace, balance, joy or fun I select a crystal that vibrates with the energy that I want to feel and experience - or simply enhance and expand my own energy.

Always in the HeART ♥️


To find the perfect piece for you or your loved ones, just use the search button at the top of our site to type a keyword. The crystals associated with that word will be shown in search results. OR simply browse through SHOP pages and let the crystal draw you in - it will be the perfect crystal for you or the one who it's intended for.

Crystal Shields & this week's recommendations:

Tektite or Lava Stone: a perfect negative energy cleansers and protection from low vibrations

Labradorite: a wonderful empowering crystal. Strengthens the heart energy, brings intuition, balances chakra's, strengthens and protects, brings inspiration.

Sacred Oil: It cannot be said enough about how amazing Sacred Oil is. It is a perfect essential oil blend infused with blessings and the energy of crystals to help with physical pain and healing; to release tension and stress of feelings and heavy emotions; to relax the mind and spiritually to help you feel your soul and connect to the higher self. How can one oil have this much benefit: because it is of nature, created with most potent healing plants. The chemical makeup of Frankincense, Palo Santo and Sage have been Scientifically proven to help in healing. For full description and more information please visit the product page.

Sacred Incense: The same key ingredients that have been used to create Sacred Oil have been used to create the most perfect cleansing, balancing and spiritual awakening incense.

Sacred Mist: is blessed water collected from world sacred sites, from sacred healing springs, blessed by healing shamans and monks. Kept and collected by several generations of healers.

We love to hear from you. Let us know what you'd like to see more from Lemon House.

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*Legal Disclaimer: Any and all information on this website including this blog article is for entertainment and information purposes only. We are not claiming to be medical professionals nor do we advise anyone on health. Ask your trusted medical provider for your personal health advise.

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